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WELL, I know that for many of you have always had cell phone & digital assistance for trip navigation, but here are some sources of assistance before these tools. Maps, the age old asking for directions at the local gas station, using the pay phone, a compas was also useful, these have all been useful in the past.

Do you know, What happened when Humpty Dumpty was the last one to finish the race? Make your guess & we'll find out next week.

Saturday 7/22

Eccl. 2:6 "I built reservoirs to collect the water to irrigate my many flourishing groves."

Solomon was one of the first kings of their world to develop large systems of water storage in order to feed the below ground infrastructure of well heads. Then his groves of trees on the mountainsides caused more rainfall from the evaporative process that this caused. Of course this brought many developments of produce which became valuable products to trade throughout that part of the world.

He built aqueducts and pools and recognized the importance of these efforts for the well being of his nation. Trees cleansed the air, shaded the ground, drew water up from the deeper sources in the ground, which in turn caused this evaporative process to naturally provide water the surrounding areas. He used the amassing of stone walls & structures to bring protection from enemy armies but to also store water from rainfall & even draw moisture from the evening dew.

Solomon learned the value of developing new sources of water development, and management. He developed many varying uses of ocean water through the process of removing salt from it using the sun to assist in this process. These plans brought a consistent ability to grow healthy crops for man & beast alike.

People came from far & wide to observe, and gain insight for their nations. Many of these practices that the laws that God provided to the Jews became commonly used in other nations. This sharing of knowledge brought a friendlier atmosphere among these nations.

Proper use of cleansing made the Jews not only cleaner, but also healthier and as a result they lived longer. Due to this longer life they were able to develop more things to cause greater strength as a nation.

So we learned the greatest values that comes from Going With God not just spiritual blessing, but also the magnetism that naturally comes from bringing other peoples to the wisdom that comes from God. When we regard honor & respect of God of greater value than human power, and influence, then the result is many blessings. Even today though the enemies of Israel attempt to bring harm to the nation, still God brings blessings on them. As well as, the ingenuity to protect the nation from these evil forces.

Oh my friend, Go In the Might of our Lord, for He will care for you in a multitude of ways.

Remember: The Battle Belongs to the Lord. Why not meditate on the you tube song? The Battle Belongs To The Lord (with lyrics) -- John Michael Talbot

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