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Well the answer to yesterdays riddle of How is it possible for a man to shave throughout the day, but still have a beard? Well if you guessed it was because he was a barber, you would be exactly right.

On the lighter side:

You know how they say that money talks, Well mine goes without saying. Ho ha its saturday, so please give me a break. Oh well.


Psalm 6:9,10 "The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer. May all my enemies be disgraced and terrified. May they suddenly turn back in shame."

In this verse we see the writer's level of confidence in God, upon his pleading with the Lord. He is assured that God will not only hear his prayers, but will also cause those who are his adversaries will become disgraced and then be terrified. In other words, they will recognize that they are not just apposing him but are up against His mighty, all-powerful God.

Then ultimately they will be drawn up short. to see that they have offended God by their actions against His child. When we pray because we are God's loved child, those who have decided to bring harm to us, then upon our prayers. He then places the full power of His hand against those who thought we were just like any other mere human beings.

David had experienced the empowerment of God's almighty hand many times. When he was a young man he faced the bear and the lion while shepherding his father's sheep. Again when the army of the Lord was facing the army of Philistenes, represented by Goliath the team foot tall giant, He again experienced the mighty power of God filling his body. He then experienced the empowerment of God's Spirit in his body.

In the same way the Spirit has promised us that the power of God is resident in our lives. When we put our trust in Him and determined to follow His ways in our daily lives, He baptized (enveloped us) with His Spirit and He continuously remains in our life. The more we surrender to walk with Him the more we experience His empowerment.

When we just as David did, stop, cleanse our heart ands life, and then in sweet surrender call out to our Heavenly Father, and then rest in His unwavering power. Then He will answer our prayers, and go head to head against our enemies, and cause them to be disgraced, brought to shame, and yes then even become terrified.

SO GO WITH GOD my child of God, for in His presence is great comfort, clarity, power and peace. Don't walk in fear, uncertainty and intrepedation. For you are a child of the King of Kings. He has promised to be with you, and walk before you in all of your ways. Our task is to constantly place our trust in Him, to listen for His voice, obey His words that He daily speaks to us, and then walk in His ways.

Lindsay Winterton


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