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Way to go everyone, you together named all the characters that entertained us on Looney Tunes carton series for years. I have also noticed that these are one form of a humorous nature that is ageless. Even young children enjoy this form of humor, as well as. adults regardless of age.

On the lighter side: What do you call a retired cowboy? Well of course we say he is De-ranged. Ho, ho


Ecclesiastes 10:19 "A party gives laughter. wine gives happiness. and money gives everything!"

This verse assumes that we see the comparison between the lazy, foolish worker over the benefits of the wise, industrious worker. Throughout the Bible, bread, wine and oil are spoken of and used in times of celebration, due to the fact that they are spoken of when considering God's blessings on his obedient and submissive children.

They are often spoken of in the times of celebration in the Old Testament. (Deut. 7:13; Psa. 104:14-15; Jer. 31:12; Joel 2:19) You see my friend our ability to enjoy life isn't just a gift from God, but it is also His desire for us to experience as we walk in His ways.

Now let's think on this verse, and what it is intending to speak of: First, after hard, wise effort, comes rejoicing and celebration, (a party) then eating, and drinking is a natural benefit, or outcome of hard work. Finally the result of long term productive effort comes physical benefit one of which brings the natural outcome of money (not just money, but measurable success, for in the early years of man's history the increase that came from hard work was seen in cattle, crops, and growth of harmonious family were the evidence of success. The minting of money, gold, silver, and precious stones were the things exchanged later historically.

Now, today many men recognize money as the outcome of success, however, the problem with seeing money alone as being sought after, is that it can be lost, stolen, squandered, etc. While satisfaction, joy, long term blessings, communion with God and His people, are the deeper sources of true fulfillment.

Many people today often look at these temporary sources of success, such as laughter. wine, and money, and fail to recognize the fruit of true values in life. Love, fellowship, communion, joy, personal friendship, unity, these are the fruits of a lasting nature. They all center themselves in a relationship with God. He is the very center of life and everything of value in it which. Praise Him, can never be taken away.

SO GO WITH GOD my child. for He is not only willing to give us His blessing in this life, but in fact He is desirious for us to enjoy all of these things in our lives. Over 190 times the Bible speaks of rejoicing and most of them are related to the celebration that only the child of God in proper standing can know. As in Deut. 16:11 "So rejoice before the Lord your God" This very day rejoice, celebrate in Him and His workings in your life. For He will never fail you.

If you have time listen to You Tube: Trust In God by Elevation Worship. They remind us of His faithfulness to us regardless of our failures or others who fail us.

brenda x


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