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Thursday 11/3

Did you know there are at least 150 asteroids in our solar system that have their own moon? True or False. Well it is true, in fact we have millions of asteroids in this solar system, but only 150 that have their own moons, and most of these 150 are the approximate size of North Carolina. So we shouldn’t feel alone.

Prov. 24:27 “Do your planning and prepare yo fields before building your house.”

Now it’s important to remember that much of the countryside was not developed. Most of those who had lived in Israel were city dwellers. However, the people of Israel wanted to be farmers, and hearders. So once they established the land as there’s it was important that they set up their lands in an organized fashion.

Once the war for gaining control of the promised land was completed, it was important for the people to gain permission for ownership of a plot of land. It was theirs by simply claiming a specific area of land from the tribal leaders. These tribes then recorded their intent to farm or raise herds on that land.

This verse was warning the people of the wisdom of recording their intent, then placing markers stating the size of the land they needed. Since the land was sparse with trees, water, natural areas of protection from the weather, it was important for them to plan out their needed land needs. Example: Each intended animal need a particular grazing acreage amount in order to remain healthy, etc.

Solomon here is encouraging the people to first organize themselves to provide for the necessary requirements, before beginning to work on the conveniences. Such as before building a house, survey the land needed for crops, cattle, etc. first. Build protection from wild animals for your herds, water, grazing areas, enclosed housing for night time, etc.

Don't build a permanent house first, pitch a tent, find natural protection from sun, wind, storms, etc. Find a water source, or natural spring, usually recognized by trees & bushes which are healthy without provisions being made for them. Find natural wind breaks, dig wells in these natural spring areas.

In other wards develop your own independent provisions, for survival, and prosperity. Develop a community of surrounding people to help each other. Most of the Jews had been slaves, city dwellers, so they needed practical instruction in order to survive in an underdeveloped countryside.

Thats why they were given such basic instruction, some of them had been farming slaves in Egypt so they knew the basic needs. This instruction was to gain insight from these previously experienced people. How to plan, and prepare, for beginning this living in an open land.

First community water sources, grain sources from the land, what grows & won’t survive, etc. These basic principles are still true today. When a young person begins these adult hood considerations, graduation from school, deciding what they will do next, college, basic present job and steps needed to be taken for future employment.

Friendships which aid in these steps and those that harm future development, etc. All of these steps are important to the future of each person. Church attendance, personal devotional development, friendships, personal planning, etc. All of these are important concepts to master, for progress rather than just survival.

So Go With God, He will guide you in the areas where you aren’t even aware of for your future. Place a high priority on your personal spiritual development. Set aside harmful friendships, that distract you from a healthy future. Daily come before your Heavenly Father, He will protect your life from harmful outcomes. Stay in tune with those who have strong connections with Him. He will direct your paths.

Lindsay Winterton


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