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Good morning my dear friend. I have a very personal question to ask. Are you satisfied with your prayer life? What do you think of when you think of an effective prayer time? With that question in mind let’s look at an example of a powerful prayer.

Neh. 2:1-5 “... I was serving the king his wine. I had never before appeared sad in his presence. So the king asked me, Why are you so sad? You don’t look sick to me. You must be deeply troubled. ... The city where my ancestors are buried is in ruins ... The king asked, Well how can I help you? With a prayer to the God of heaven, I replied”

Well that prayer for sure wasn’t a long prayer, Right? It must have been a 10 second prayer, and yet God answered in a way that the king not only gave him permission to be gone, but assigned a detachment of his army, and a letter to kings in the area of his payment for their full support and safety.

That prayer wasn’t a long, on your knees King James prayer. It definitely wasn’t the only prayer Nehemiah prayed in this effort, but it non the less was the simple prayer somewhat like “God give me wisdom”.

Though this type of prayer may not be the only type of prayer we make, we must admit is was effective and unleashed God’s favor and influence in Israel’s time of need.

When that’s the only type of prayer that you can muster, stand strong in your time of struggle for prayer is not a time of convincing God to your will, rather It is in childlike faith the unleashing of a mighty God’s power and working on your concerns.

So God with God in simple child like faith and unleash His mighty power on those complex things in your life, and see Him accomplish miraculous work on your behalf.

Jennifer Rodriguez


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