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It’s Friday today and we’re coming to the end of our week. By the way, What do you call dogs that rarely bark? That’s right. Hush puppies.

Our meditation today comes from Prov. 20:23 “The Lord detests double standards; he is not pleased by dishonest scales.”

God detest crooked & intentional injustice. There are a number of passages that give clear insights into why.

First, Lev. 19:36,37 this verse gives a warning & then God infers

that He brought us out of a

godless life to fill our life with

freedom (in other words

unjust treatment of others

brings harm & drudgery to


Second, Deut. 25:13-16 warns that

by affirming double

standards brings a life of

unhappiness, misery, and

displeasure to all influenced

by it. (Encourages our

children to follow & be

harmed in the same way)

Third, Amos 8 speaks of the harm

brought on by harming

justice — dryness,

meaninglessness & sorrow,

will come on all people

impacted by it. Those

participating in it & those

affected by it

Fourth, Micah 6 warns of the

emptiness that comes from

cheating others, and the


consequences that comes to

your family from cheating


Today we are experiencing this injustice all around us, then we see the harm that this lawlessness brings on innocent children & adults. Increased suicide, depression, corruption and so many other consequences confirms the extreme value of God’s standards and the necessity each of us confirming it in our life. When we see this injustice around us then we must take quick action to step away from those who are responsible for that action.

So God With God for His guidelines & laws have great importance in our lives & the lives of all those that we love. They also ring true every time, though we may not immediately see its value. As we read the Bible we see just how following in His ways brings about blessings to our lives.

Why not make confirm this lesson by making a comment just how you have seen this to be true in your lifetime?

Lindsay Winterton


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