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Well it's Tuesday the pronunciation is dependent on where you come from. How many ways have heard Tuesday pronounced? I personally can think of at least 6 ways? How bout you?

So, What do you think frogs order when they get BBQ? Well of course they order Rib-bits. Ha ha couldn't help my self, it's my hillbilly upbringing.

Our meditation today is found in

Prov. 21:29 "The wicked bluff their way through, but the virtuous think before they act."

Notice the comparison here:

The wicked - bluff about their action

KJV harden his face

They act first think later

The virtuous - act with caution &

thoughtful reason

The wicked man is driven by the immediate

The upright is driven by the course of his life

The wicked person is stubborn, inflexible, he takes no thought about the outcome of his actions.

The virtuous person considers the future outcome for himself & others. (flexible)

I will never forget that day, a dear friend came by the church while our family was cleaning the church. He had forgotten to clean & the pastor called us for back up. When he arrived in town he rushed over but we were almost done.

He apologized and told us to go ahead & he would finish, my father assured him that we were almost done & told him to go on home. The man was offended by my fathers response and left hurt.

My dad let us all finish & then had us sit down & explained this to us and asked us what we should do. Not because he needed advice but so that we would learn from this experience. We all agreed that we should go to the friends house & apologize.

I remember the man's face when we

came to his house, the sadness & tears and my dad hugging him and his crying. What joy came from this time and what lessons he taught us.

This became our family practice; apology & compassion. I believe that this time & many others have had an indelible impression on all of us. My brother & sisters are close primarily due to this lesson in humility & forgiveness.

Mr. & Mrs. Crenshaw became our family mentors from then on. Our lives have been enriched even to this day. As an adult

they and their adult children faithfully supported me in my mission work for many years.

So Go With God and as He allows those life struggles in, He will also bring into your life rich friendships, as you strive to be a person of virtue & compassion.

Lindsay Winterton


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