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Well if you guessed that Alaska has the longest coast line you are exactly right. Way to go.

Hey, Do you know why the cat went to medical school? Yes, your right it was because she wanted to become a first aid kit. Ohohoh

Thursday 12/22

Prov. 26:15 “The lazy man buries his hand in the bowl; It wearies him to bring it back to his mouth.”

This verse is a parody (a deliberate exaggeration for comic affect). Solomon plays on the extreme of being so weak willed that the person isn’t able to lift his hand to his face.

Of course this is an extreme comparison of the exaggerated reason, why a man may be hungry. He won’t trouble himself to work in order to buy food to feed himself.

This is in comparison to the labor that has been expended in order to produce a full variety of foods.

As we said all of these verses 10-16 focuses on the reason that the lazy person faces harm. Here are some other verses spread through out Proverbs regarding laziness. (Prov. 10:4,26; 12:24; 13:4; 15:19; 19:15; 20:4; 26:14-16)

These are the insights presented so far:

Vs. 10 lacks understanding

Vs. 11 lacks ability to learn from mistakes

Vs. 12 lacks comprehension of consequences

Vs. 13 lacks will to protect himself

Vs. 14 lacks desire to fulfill his purpose

Vs. 15 lacks strength to provide from himself

I told you yesterday that I would share one more person that in my life, brought me in contact with those who were change makers with Gods aid & guidance in their life.

This man & wife is another story of uncertainty and dependence on Our Father for guidance. This family was living & growing berries to provide to stores, and local families surrounding their farm, as well as, making all sorts of jellies & jams. As farmers around them sold their land to developers so that they could build houses there, this family loved their farm & the influence it had in their community.

The wife began to teach her children to raise chickens, sell eggs, and then bake rolls, and bread to go along with the jellies & jams. Then, she began to make fried chicken to go along with lemonade, and bread. This became so popular that families wanted to have birthday parties on the farm. They arranged to give horse rides to the barn & fried chicken dinners & games in the hay. They hosted many weddings as well.

Local teachers asked them to allow them to make field trips to their farm, to teach the children of the ecosystem needed to make a working farm successful. This progressed into many phases on the farm, till today it is known as Knotts Berry Farm. Mr. & Mrs. Knott never gave up on being light in a dark world.

They supported an evangelist to preach around the nation, and then participated in the beginning of opening a church, then a Christian school. We also experienced their generosity while living in the area of their farm. They allowed our youth group to borrow many of the implement's they had as the backdrop for sharing the gospel. (Wagons, stage coach, bucking bull, etc.)

Many times they donated chicken to our group, church, as well as family. The Father led them to many varied ways to minister to their community. They built a small chapel to hold services in while vacationers were in the area.

So Go With God and seek to be His hands in our world. Our Father desires to use each of us in our places of influence. The loss of the lazy person in our lesson today is their failure to trust God through their limitations, fears, and losses. Look to Him to use you for daily He desires to show His glory to our world.



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