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Well, if you thought that the average time that it took for food to pass through our body was 53 hours you were right. I honestly guessed it to be 48 hours, but I was wrong. Congrats for you if you got the right answer.

While were on that note, Do you know what kind of hanger doesn’t fit in your closet? Give up? Well, it’s an airplane hanger. Oh well. That’s a good one of your just hanging around. Ohoooooo.

Tuesday 12/6

This section of Proverbs Prov. 26:1-12 is attempting to help us focus on ways not too try to assist them.

Prov. 26:1 ”Honor is no more associated with fools than snow with summer or rain with harvest.”

This warning is comparing the harm that snow or rain can bring upon a farmer who is in the middle of harvesting his crop. If it snowed on a crop then it may tarnish the crop, or bring harm to it in a myriad of ways. Rain on the other hand could bring problems by making harvesting problematic due to muddy terrain for workers.

While living in Fresno, rain was hard on grape/raisin farmers, for they would cut grape cluster and then begin the grape drying process by laying the cluster on paper on the ground in the row. Later they would place them in large wooden crates to transport the grapes to drying sheds.(Dehydrators). However, rain reports would require them to wrap the paper around the cluster, called a cigar wrap, until they could haul the grapes into the sheds. This caused the drying process to be slowed and possible infections harming the volume of the crop to be reduced.

As a boy the great fear in harvesting season was hail storms, ice & snow mixed, the force could destroy the crop during the final days before harvest. This could knock down the crop making it difficult to harvest and therefore cause a loss in production.

As you can see, this comparison of honor being given to foolish people, after they make foolish decisions, was totally understandable for the farmer. Most of the Jewish nation was intertwined with agriculture, so this warning had special connection to them.

They were faced with the importance of rather than giving honor to those who made destructive decisions which affected those who they oversaw. Rather, they should bring to light the harm that their decisions made, in order for them not to repeat their foolish ways again, and harm those that they may impact.

We see this very concern in many ways in our society today, ie. parents who desire awards given to everyone, (don’t want children to feel bad), grades given to ignore failure in learning then social advancement (child advanced regardless of their comprehension), resulting in failure learn from struggles, district attorneys who are soft on crime, judges who fail to see their purpose to bring justice to the evil doers, etc., etc., etc.

So Go With God for He desires blessing in our lives, so He won’t honor us just to make us feel good for the moment, but then result in drastic harm to come to us later. He wants our lives whether through struggle, hardship, or success to bring benefit to our lives, as well as, all those around us. His desire is progress, success & blessing to be brought to everyone.



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