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Well good morning my dear ones. Here is a thought to consider. We use this symbol, but do we actually know what it is called? What is the real word for Hashtag? Is is Ampersand; Obelisk; Asterisk; or Octothorpe? This is a little quandry for you to consider, Right?

On the lighter side:

Do you know what building in New York city has the most stories? That's an easy one, Right? Well of course its the public library. Oh, got you. Huh?


Psalm 3:7,8 "Arise, O Lord! Rescue me, my God! Slap all my enemies in the face! Shatter the teeth of the wicked! Victory comes from you, O Lord. May you bless your people."

David begins this verse with a battle cry for God to engage and defend His soldiers. This same cry is spoken in Numbers 10:35 and also in Psalm 68:1. David then moves into a poetic imagery that he often used throughout this book of Psalms. He uses these words illustrating his enemies with the strength of a powerful beast (lions, bears, tigers, etc.) for their force is in their teeth and jaws.

Then he turns to remind himself that Salvation/Victory/Deliverance comes from the Lord. You see we need each day a fresh supply of His Grace (power). Yesterday's grace was great, but we need His grace & presence in our life in a new way today. What David is reflecting on is, these daily gifts that come only from God.

Yesterday as I was inviting a young man to our Easter Service, He blatantly said "Oh I don't believe in God, so you can have a good day with your imaginary friend." I responded to him almost breathlessly, "Oh, What pity, I am sorry for you. For you have only this minute to enjoy." He was visibly shaken by my words, as much as I was by his.

I must admit, this thought crossed my mind, Oh, O.K. what about when you need an all powerful force in your life? When someone you or others you love are without strength, or are unable to inhale a breath? What then? I stopped for a second and asked God to help this man to come to an understanding of his weakness in comparison to God's love and care, that He promises to us.

Though David had made his share of mistakes, and mis-steps he knew that his furture was in his God's hands. That in His love God has promised success and blessing in all of our lives, as His children. I must admit I have continued to pray for that young man and his son setting next to him. That God would open his eyes to his need of God in his and his family's life.

You see when life falls in on us, that's when we face our absolute need of His presence, grace, and working in our life. As David was hiding from the massive army his son had developed, he realized his need of an Almighty God.

So my friends, GO WITH GOD for as you do, He will bring peace, hope, joy to you. When all of the surroundings of life fall short, He will continue to work in your life. "O Lord. May you bless your people." And Lord may you bring that young man to the realization of his need for your presence in his life.

brenda x


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