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Good Tuesday morning, Can you guess what character Starbucks got its name from? It was taken from a famous novel. Make a choice: Was it -- Brave New World; Lord Of The Flies; Mobs-Dick: Or To Kill A Mockingbird?

Tuesday 4/4

Prov. 29:19 "Words alone will not discipline a (Septuagint-- stubborn) servant; the words may be understood, but they are not heeded."

This warning isn't necessarily advocating abuse, or even physical discipline, but rather the importance of making sure that the person being communicated with, comprehends the consequence of deliberate disobedience.

This is rather, speaking to the issue of intentional refusal to follow instructions. The inference here is the need of a more stearn action to be taken in order for those who are resisting the direction being given.

The clear instruction here given, is that direct refusal needs to be exposed to a more immediate consequence. This isn't instructing us regarding the vital guidance of a person who is failing to understand, but rather the person who is unprincipled or self-willed needing greater, more immediate, discipline.

These instructions being passed on to Solomon's sons as well as, others is, that those in places of leadership being aware of the necessity for effective, direct communication.

Since we had five children, the necessity of sharing rooms was immediate. As a parent, I wasn't desirious of this practice, but wasn't able to provide each child a room. However, looking back, I realize the value of this need. The older child was able to give direct guidance to the younger, less disciplined, child in proper bedroom etiquette. Cleanliness, order, structure, etc. in most cases this was a very productive exercise.

As the children got older, we were able to provide each child their own room, but the practice of earlier years, brought the proper structure & even prepared them for their days of work. These years of team work, and sharing brought great benefit to them when they entered the work force. Becky & I noticed, it even brought benefit as they began their years of college.

Necessity, brought the benefit of early co-operation and greater learning, as well as, what has proven to be an environment of closeness in there adult years. Looking back these guidelines from God have brought the many unintended blessings that we enjoy today.

Not only did this experience in my children's lives impact us all, but this very same experience, affected my parents family as well. My bother & sisters found a great support structure together and we experienced many ministry endeavors together.

We together served in many capacities, youth ministry, Sunday school, establishing new congregations in our home town & then in the hills of Arkansas, for Village Missions. We also lead games, helped children color lesson papers, then began teaching Good News clubs, and became summer missionaries, etc.

We together as a family served in a myriad of capacities, as we grew older. From cleaning the church, all the way to teaching children's Sunday school. These many roles drew us together as a family. And even though we live across the many miles, when we call, write, or occasionally get together, there is this inseparable bond. Most importantly there was a beginning of togetherness in those early years of instruction. My older sister, Nancy, passed onto me so many precious instructions in my childhood.

Then out of my sisters tender instruction I was able to pass onto my younger brother, Dan, some of those same lessons. He was my roommate, and playmate, he became my workmate, and we developed as ministry mates. Even today we share together in our various spiritual growth as well as, ministry endeavors. During Covid shut down we shared a Zoom study together with Dan, along with most of the kids for several months.

Those times together reminded me of the many times that Dan & I had enjoyed growing up together.

I'm sorry I got off of the leson, but all of this to say, remember to draw close to those people in your life, share your instructions with them, then they will gain from the instruction of others in your life, and hopefully be steered away from the evil of our day.

  • So Go With God and He will direct your path away from those harmful influencers, of your day. Snatch every person you can from the evil of our day. Draw them near to our sweet, caring, loving, Heavenly Father. I am convinced that those many people who are wrapped up in the evil of our world, aren't evil in their heart, they just don't know our Precious Savior. We must attempt to draw as many of them into contact with His loving ways, then they too will be drawn to Him.

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Apr 04, 2023

Brave New World is my guess



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