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Good morning, Hey which animal do you think is the most diverse one on the earth? Fish; Dog; Birds; Rat? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday 11/29

Prov. 25:23 “As surely as a north wind brings rain, so a gossiping tongue causes anger.”

Have you noticed that most rain clouds come from the north? This is true particularly in Israel, due primarily because of where the mountains are from the ocean. The rain clouds come from the ocean & then the mountains slow the clouds and the result is that all the moisture then is released onto the land. As a result they have an area known as a Fertile Crescent.

The same principle is true with gossip, when a person is idle, they most often tend to gossip. Have you noticed that when you are busy with important or pressing matters your conversation is generally more productive in nature? However, when you are casually relaxed you may have the tendency to be more negatively focused.

The second result is mostly true, when those negative words are in the air then emotional responses most often are also. Either of defending the person that has been misunderstood or words in agreement. However, if gossip was received with disregard, or intentionally redirecting the conversation the outcome may be much more favorable for everyone.

Probably everyone has experienced being faced with empty criticism in their lives, the other side of this issue is our response to its hurtful impact. 1) To become angry, resentful, and lash back, 2) To recognize the small part of truth in the words and purpose to do better, 3) To strive to improve your relationship with that person.

Which response would bring benefit from hurt? _______

The outcome of hurtful conversation is up to our response. Christian maturity will bring out progress & benefit, while just the opposite will cause hurt & anger. It’s really up to us. In my life the person who generally responds this way is my wife Becky, she is a master at productive, rewarding responses. In fact sometimes her sweet response is misunderstood as weakness, however, should time be given it’s beneficial clarity, the result will almost always bring kindness & good.

I have been blessed with her maturity in so many circumstances throughout my life, though these qualities require time to be seen, however, when the time is allowed, it brings sweetness. Should we also take those traits to heart, the outcome will be rich. I was blessed in my life, also with a dad who was also gifted with these same qualities, and he worked hard to guide me to follow these ways. Sometimes I learned and followed in his ways while other times I responded negatively.

So Go With God for He will graciously instill these qualities in our lives as we allow ourselves to be formed & fashioned to these traits. There is a commercial on TV that tends to see becoming like our parents as harmful, however, should our parents have purposed to become fashioned to the image of Jesus all those patterns would be beneficial.

Nov 29, 2022

I am going to say the dog. And yes your Father was certainly a very kind and gracious man. As a result, his children are also sweet.



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