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WELL, it was true Coney Island did have a 12 story elephant until a fire destroyed this structure that was taller than what is the model of Lady Liberty today.

By the way do you know why the librarian was kicked off the plane. Yes, that is right, It was overbooked.

Sat. 7/15

Eccl. 1:18 "The greater my wisdom, the greater my grief. To increase knowledge only increases sorrow."

Now, this conclusion may seem to at the outset appear to contradict the findings in Proverbs such as 2:12-14; 3:13-18; 24:13-14. However, what Solomon is attempting to draw down on, is knowledge that fails to recognize the necessity of Godly reverence at its foundation brings grief & sorrow.

Much of present day scientific conclusions are disregarding Biblical instruction, and as a result ultimately are shallow in their conclusions. In other words, mere human achievement alone without a innate reverence for God will result in loss.

In fact in our future reading we will find that Solomon came to this same conclusion in Eccl. 8:16,17. For wisdom, and learning that ignores godly instruction brings "greater grief" & "increases sorrow". Through the process of expanding our knowledge, ultimately results in our realization of the ignorance that many of our past conclusions brought.

Can you imagine this? When porcelain bath tubs were first developed, many doctors warned that they would introduce disease.

We have come to realize the necessity of balance, between sterile & natural germs existence. In fact we are today as a culture rebounding from the results of our total Covid related shut down. Once we began to return to co-mingling as a society all sorts of illnesses that were before introduced in small incremental exposures, at schools for our children, or work for adults, took on all sorts of repetitive illness exposures.

All the while doctors were rushing to find solutions to these many past common challenges, which during normal exposures were kept in check.

You see if intellectualism was the key to a meaningful life, then our college campuses would be places of peace & contentment. Soooo, are they?

In a nut shell, Solomon is saying, "The wiser we are, apart from a simple trust in God, the more our worries & hurts prevail." Do you remember the adage? "Ignorance is bliss" or "What you don't know won't hurt you"

I have found personally that my necessity for a dedication to prayer, internal conversations with God, alone brings solace & comfort. Becky & I have learned to lean on each other to be the prompter for us to express our need for God's involvement in our lives.

It seems that each day presents new areas for our trust to be expanded towards our loving, all knowing Father.

In our youth we were driven to know more, but today our yearning is to follow Him more, with what He is teaching us.

So Go With God for in that way we will find wholeness.

Take a few minutes & listen to this song on you tube Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord - Buckingham Chapel and make this your prayer today.

If you do, I promise that this lesson will sink even deeper into your inner being.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton