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Good morning my dear ones, today is a brand new week, for which we have the privilege of entering into together. Thank you, to everyone who made this past week such a blessed time.

By the way please continue to pray for John, he fell and is in pain, his appointment with a specialist is Wednesday, please uphold him in prayer. We missed you this week John.

Hey, Do you know what bird is the smallest, most unique bird? Give me a guess & we'll talk more about this amazing bird tomorrow.

Monday 4/10

Prov. 29:24 "Whoever is a partner with a theif hates his own life; He swears to tell the truth, but reveals nothing."

Well, where do we begin?

First, partnering/assisting a theif will result in hating/hurting our own self.

In other words when we keep company (are friendly) with those people who intentially break the law, we

are made silent when the time of judgement comes upon us. Our testimony is useless, or is made


In the Jewish legal world, if a person was placed under oath, but refused to testify against those who

broke the law, while they were in their company, he was counted guilty, and punished in the same way.

Their law system didn't allow for, as the saying today goes, "pleading the fifth".

Second, by associating ourselves with others who intentionally break the law, we taint our own integrity. By our association with evil friends we bring harm to ourselves, and those we love. We make our word unbelievable, without regard for the rest of our past truthful conduct.

In this book of Proverbs, the person who values his reputation, is warned to avoid the company of these types of people:

Sinners ~ Prov. 1:10-16

Fools ~ Prov. 13:20; 14:7

Slanderers ~ Prov. 20:19

Gluttons ~ Prov. 28:7

So in reflection, we see the importance of refraining from association with those people who place no value on integrity.

So Go With God for His Spirit will guide us away from circumstances where our integrity is placed in question. The most important concern for our spiritual testimony is of the world's perspective on our integrity. To live without regard for this puts into question all of those who strive to live lives above reproach. As believers we must guard our reputation because to ignore this important perspective is to taint the testimony of all believers. Kind of like breaking a rotten egg into a bowl of good eggs, they are all affected by the one rotten egg.

Lindsay Winterton
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brenda x
Apr 10, 2023

Thank you all for your prayers for John will I am going to say humming bird because I have never seen a bird smaller than a humming bird



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