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From Pastor Ben:


What are toenails and fingernails made out of? Talc? Keratin? Zinc?    Phosphorus?  More tomorrow!


Ecclesiastes 6:1, 2

"There is another serious tragedy I have seen under the sun, and it weighs heavily on humanity. 2 God gives some people great wealth and honor and everything they could ever want, but then he doesn’t give them the chance to enjoy these things. They die, and someone else, even a stranger, ends up enjoying their wealth! This is meaningless—a sickening tragedy."

Here Solomon is saying, “I have observed, that rich people are unable to enjoy their riches.” So often we have witnessed this truth. Was Howard Hughes tremendously happy? How about J. Paul Getty? J. D. Rockefeller? No, says Solomon. He makes the observation that the wealthier a man becomes, the less able he is to enjoy what he has. It’s ironic that those who have the most are often able to enjoy it the least.

In the following brief passage of Ecclesiastes 6:1–8, Solomon emphasizes the fact that wealth doesn't necessarily provide its own security. In these first verses (1-2) he shares that wealth doesn't guarantee its own enjoyment.

One of life’s greatest misfortunes is that a man may have riches and not be able to enjoy them, either because of an early death or perhaps because of an extreme greed for amassing gain, which in turn keeps the person from enjoying his wealth.

Solomon goes back to Ecclesiastes 5:19 in reminding us of the God-given gift of enjoying the many potential fruits of prosperity. Without this divine gift of enjoyment, it leaves a senseless result. Here is this reminder from Eccliastes 5:19: "And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God."

I can't personally speak of unusual financial wealth, but I have definitely been blessed with enjoying so much of life's eternal joys. Here are just a few of the many joys in my life...

A loving relationship between my brother and I our entire life, that alone makes me a wealthy man

A special richness with my sisters, 

my older sister who helped and cared for me through the many bumps of growing up

   My younger sister who joyed in me guiding her in the early times in both of our lives

Parents who taught us so many rich lesson, but most of all the joy of serving our precious Lord

Bringing into my life my special gift of joy, my wife, who together we've maneuvered many of  life's difficult challenges and came out still filled with the blessing of enjoying each other's company  (I can't imagine not having her in my life)

The blessings of knowing so many wonderful people in life, and the joys of serving alongside of so many of my Father's special children for my years of life and ministry

I can certainly say that I am also rich in my Father's many gifts, salvation, hope, joy, peace, confidence, etc, etc, etc.  

SO GO WITH GOD and then your life will be filled up with joy like you can never imagine.  I can't promise you financial wealth, but I can promise a joy from Him that is "out of this world."

If you get a chance, stop and listen to "The Love of God" on YouTube by George Beverly Shea. You will then be overwhelmed in recounting through the lyrics of this song the tremendous richness that we daily enjoy. Oh, the joy that we each have enveloping our lives. It is for the most part undeserved, but is none the less, rich in every way!


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