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What a day we had yesterday on the beautiful Catalina Island. We were celebrating Austin, Landon and Savanah’s achievement of getting 4.0 grades for this last year.

How beautiful is that place, ocean, cool air, simple living, and surrounded by a massive amount of ocean animals.

We made it back home at 11:30 so a long day, but a wonderful day.

Hey, by the way, Where do baseball catchers sit at lunch? You guessed it, Behind home plate. Ha, ha.

Our meditation for today is focused on Prov. 20:8 “When a king sits in judgement, he weighs all the evidence, distinguishing the bad from the good.”

This verse is emphasizing the role of the wise king/leader. He uses his influence to assure justice ,however, a weak, unwise king will take the short sighted approach, and rule in a way that he is favored.

Solomon sets the example in

1 Kings 3:16-28 in determining which women was the child’s mother. Of course, it is the mother who would look out for the well being of her baby, even if she will suffer lose. (Life over possession)

In the same way, each of us must remember in the places that we find ourselves upholding truth we are to sort out the information facing us and then determine to guide the decisions before us in the greatest

Lindsay Winterton


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