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So, Can you guess what substance is finer than hair, but stronger than steel? Do you give up? According to Science Magazine it is spiders web. In fact in Greece their silk was used to halt bleeding when a soldier was cut. It is five times stronger than steel of its diameter. Their silk is highly elastic and can withstand extreme temperatures. Who knew?

Friday 12/23

Prov. 26:16 “The lazy man is wiser in his own eyes Than seven men who can answer sensibly.”

In other words, “The ignorant person is ignorant of his ignorance”

By the way, Seven is an inference for “often or many”, this same term is also used in Prov. 26:26; Job 5:19; Prov. 24:16; to infer to often. It symbolizes completeness, or in this case, even when seven wise people agree on a fact, he will still be unwilling to accept correction.

One of the most harmful traits of the sluggard is that he considers himself wise. This trait is his downfall, for due to his thinking in this way he many times will; though his thinking is faulty, he will never change his ways, regardless of the number of wise people who differ from his thinking.

I went to school with a boy who thought he was always right, early in the year I went to him for help and answers. However, within a few weeks I figured out that his accuracy was only in his own mind. Even when the teacher would try to help correct his wrong solutions, he would argue with her. She even showed him her teachers key, he still was unwilling to recognize his mistake. He was very convincing, but he was none the less wrong.

In 2 Kings 14 Amaziah is a perfect example of this trait. Amaziah refused to step down in a unimportant confrontation with Jehoash king of Israel. Amaziah king of Judah, though they both were Hebrews, refused to admit he had been wrong, and Jehoash was willing to forget it because of their heritage. But Amaziah was stubborn and refused to admit his wrong in the matter, so he went to war and due to Israel’s superior tactics Jehoash won, still the king though defeated refused to submit to his failure.

What was the wrong that he defended? He refused to destroy the pagan shrines that his father had built, and he killed the righteous men who had assassinated his father, due to the evil & harm that his father had committed against Judah. Amaziah refused to be entreated by his fellow Jews, though Jehoash was patient & refused to dominate Judah, the men who died in battle paid the price of their lazy, prideful king. Amaziah never recovered from this defeat, and ended up being defeated by his Gentiile enemies in the land and ended up being killed by them.

So Go With God He will guide you each day and bring blessing upon your endeavors. The man who out of laziness refuses to learn of Our Fathers ways will bring suffering upon those he influences. It is an easier path to follow the evil of our day, but it ultimately brings Satan’s harm & destruction on all those who we care for & love. Amaziah stands as earthly proof of thinking himself wise, and refusing to follow in God’s ways. True these ways are hard in a day that is opposed to God, but in the long run is so extremely rewarding & enriching.

brenda x
23 déc. 2022

Paul guessed spider web, he says, he will take whatever the prize is.



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