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What was the first remote control invented for? Was it for a Ceiling Fan, or a Phongraph, or maybe an Automobile, or was it for a toy boat or car? Make a guess, and we'll look into this tomorrow.

By the way, thanks to everyone for the help in taking down the Christmas decorations at church.

On the lighter side: What did the golfer dad want for Father's Day? Well of course a tee shirt. Ha ha.


Ecclesiastes 10:8 "He who digs a pit will fall into it, And whoever breaks a wall will be bitten by as serpent."

Now remember this section of scripture is focusing on the ironies of life. This verse is pointing out two more circumstances that may lead to difficulty or harm.

This first situation is focused on normal routine duties, such as digging a pit. Remember this was usually done in order to catch a larger prey, a larger animal, but could also be to catch an enemy, set on bringing harm to the farmer, rancher. When you are digging a pit to set this trap the unintentional outcome could be the one who is setting the trap, after covering it up is that one of his herders or one of his pasture animals, or he himself inadvertently (forgetting the trap) later falls into himself.

The next plight may be that while moving a wall a snake which has made the rock wall his home, in defense of his dwelling place strikes out and harms the farmer. Sometimes it may be that the farmer is attempting to move the fence (a permanent property marker) in order to gain the use of more land. This may have been in order to unlawfully gain more land for grazing, farming, or not, etc. Usually these sorts of functions were done in order to change ownership of land without the notice of the neighboring farmer.

Both of these attempts are being done in order to go unnoticed, to trap a prey, or to gain additional land without proper access being attained. Both of these attempts may backfire on the one who is taking the action.

These accidents are spoken of in order to illustrate the human inability to know or control future circumstance's. Though they may be unlawful or not, they may still result in some sort of loss. Therefore, pointing out the uncertainty of our own future, concerns.

The writer will go on tomorrow in several other uncertain events that could result in harm to others.

SO GO WITH GOD for we never know the outcome of future events. Thus we need to recognize our dependence of God for all things, whether they are common occurrences or not. Whether we are driving across town, walking down the street, or carrying out normal duties all are potentially prone to harm. They should all be dealt with in proper safety precautions, and forethought.

How will this decision and motion affect all of those in our lives? Will it be potentially favorable or harmful? These are all good considerations when we face future decisions.

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