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Isn’t it interesting that our last adult teeth to come in is our wisdom teeth. But the question may be, Just how many wisdom teeth should we have? Where are they located? Let’s go back to that question. How many wisdom teeth should we have? Is it 5; 4; 6; Or 2? Can you guess? ______

Just a hint: we generally get them around 18-25, they are generally found in the back of our mouth. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Thursday 1/5

Prov. 26:27 “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him.”

The natural question you might ask is, How can some one dig a hole & then fall into it. That’s an interesting thought isn’t it? The thought that is being intimated here is that the hateful person sets a trap for others & then forgets and leaves it. The thought is that he does these hurtful things so often that he goes on and then forgets about them.

Later after rolling the rock into a teetering position or digging a hole and covering it, then later he either steps into the hole or pushes on the rock and he falls into the hole or leans against the rock & it rolls back onto him.

The intimation is that when you put something harmful in motion, you may very well be the person to experience the hurt, as the saying goes “When you least expect it.”

In other words “hurt begets hurt & good begets good.” So the moral of the story is, If we sow good things in our lives we will more than likely reap good things back.

My grandfather was a sucker for helping people with good ideas. Once, he helped a man build a drill rig from the many spare parts he had around his salvage yard. The man began drilling for water on farms in need of a well for their cattle, soon he became successful in his trade. Of course he needed pipe for casing & my grandfather had many piles of steel pipe for sell so his being helpful brought benefit to him. I remember that story because my grandfather was telling me about this as I was helping him load the pipe to deliver to another of the mans jobS. I could tell you many such stories of God‘s provisions as a result of grandpa’s generosity and probably will in the future.

My uncle Ray’s favorite saying was, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Later I learned that Henry Thoreau was this sayings originator. Here was another saying my uncle had written down on his desk, “Live in such a way that if people should see you, they could see God’s goodness in you.”

So Go With God and He will repay those good deeds that you sow right back into your life.

Jan 05, 2023

4 um duh! Who can forget getting them extracted lol!



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