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Good morning my dear ones this warm Wednesday morning. Do you know how big is the largest yard sale Is? Imagine this, it is an annual event held every first Thursday through Saturday of August with thousands of vendors from Alabama all the way to Michigan covering 690 miles. Wow, is that a giant or not? This began in 1987 till the present. This isn’t a joke, Chazam.

Todays meditation comes to us from Prov. 19:26 “Children who mistreat their father or chase away their mother are an embarrassment and a public disgrace.”

Yesterday we learned the benefits of correction (discipline), to the arrogant person, the innocent, and the inexperienced. Today we will look at some examples of instruction.

This verse focuses on a person who shows no respect for their parents. There is no age restriction here so it applies to the young, the teenager, as well as the adult children.

Notice that this child is an embarrassment to himself, his parents, and even as far as his community. (country). We see this exposed on the internet, news, etc.

This instruction of honoring your parents is wide spread in the Bible even outside of Proverbs. Prov. 10:1; 20:20; Ex. 20:12; Deut. 5:16

The child who honors his parents brings joy, light, as well as, personally a long life, to the family, the community, as well as the nation.

However, the child who is disrespectful to his parents & home, brings shame & disgrace to all those in their lives.

The underlying truth here is that all of us are responsible to support the families, and homes in our community. We all need to look for ways to lift up respect & honor to the parents in our community. When we fail to do that we fail the children, the parents, community, and ultimately our nation.

As we look about us we have to know that we as a country are failing in this effort. So, where do we begin? We begin with prayer, and then branch out at the behest of the Spirit.

Our loving Heavenly Father yearns to partner with us if we will join forces with Him. We must first begin family wide, then move onto church wide prayer & then community wide, etc.

So Go With God and begin with prayer for His leadership In reaching out to our youth. The enemy is running full force to capture our youth, we must set out to support them, but most importantly we must begin. Failure is the guide to our next step. To many times we are stopped by failure, but that should be seen as the Spirit‘s instrument to guide us in what not to do. Then we must set a new course of direction. But most importantly we must GO in some direction, guided by our yearning to touch our world for Christ.

Lindsay Winterton


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