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Well happy Monday morning, glad you had a good weekend. Hey, Do you know, What Moses wife, Zipphora, was know as when she'd throw a big dinner party? Yep you guessed it, "The hostess with the Moses." Way to begin a new week, right???


Psalm 3:5,6 "I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for the Lord was watching over me. I am not afraid of ten thousands enemies who surround me on every side."

If we are to remember just what the conflict David was facing during this time we would understand the intensity of his words. His son Absalom, had organized an army against David, and then he had gathered an army of tens of thousands of fighting men against him.

If you would like to read more check out 2 Samuel 13-18 for more specific details. Imagine the turmoil of King David. His son Absalom who has been living in rebellion of David's rule for several years, and who has achieved gathering even his own generals and war strategist to fight against him.

If that weren't enough, his other sons all felt David had not disciplined Amnon swift or harsh enough. When he had ignored Amnon's sin of raping his half sister, and then after that had the nerve to cast her out of his home. Then David rather than disciplining him he had ignored this whole evil activity.

Then Absalom took Amnon's punishment into his own hands and plotted and then killed Amnon for this evil. As a result David had run Absalom off and forced him to live in a foreign land for several years. Finally David allowed Absalom to return back into Israel. However, David refused to even speak to Absalom. Now with this was all happening and so Absalom had organized this rebellion, against David.

This is the background of this chapter in Psalms. David had ignored all of this upheaval and now was striving to show sorrow, and overlooking all of this bad blood for his past failures. As a result David has come before the Lord and made this all right before God, but there is much bitterness in his family.

David tried to make things right by ignoring Absalom's rebellion, but these years of ignoring all of this has damaged everything. But David has come to terms with God and was attempting to undo the harm that his ignoring all of this evil and inactivity had brought. Now he is faced with this and its harm he has brought to the whole nation.

Now David is coming in repentance and sorrow before God, even though this whirlwind of harm has been brought to him, his family and the whole nation.

Now he has become overwhelmed with just what to do. How to proceed? In total exhaustion David surrenders himself to God. Then God gives to him the solution to his greatest need, Rest. Upon him coming to the place of depending on His God, He, God begins sorting out all of this. He gives David protection and resolution from fear, confusion, uncertainty, etc. Have you ever felt this way?

Now, if so, GO WITH GOD for He can sort out all of our failures, and times of poor judgement and bring cleansing and hope if we will but, seek forgiveness from Him. He will sort out all of the confusion and make all things new again. Cast all of your care upon Him, and He will give you rest.

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