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Did you know that the founder of the Atari computer also founded which pizza restaurant?

Domino’s     Pizza Hut     Little Caesar’s     Chuck E. Cheese.

Make a guess, and you'll see the answer tomorrow.


Eccl. 7:1 "A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume. And the day you die is better than the day you are born."

Solomon here talks about two very different concerns:

1) The tremendous importance of the rreputation which we, by our character, have developed

2) The outcome of the accomplishments in our life

So we must question ourselves. How have we done in the character that we have upheld throughout our lifetime? Solomon has affirmed that our reputation is of greater value than financial commodities which at that period of time were recognized as of lasting value. 

In regards to this next concern, we recognize the importance of the eternal contributions we have enjoyed and have attempted to invest in others throughout our life. The ultimate reason for our worship of the Lord is primarily because we have received by His grace our names written in the Lamb's Book of Life. This eternal gift has been received and then is hopefully faithfully carried forward to our world.

While I was 3,000 miles away in Canada, my grandfather was in a confused state and, in fear, was running from my dad. After being unable to convince my grandfather that he was his son, Dad decided to stop following after him. He did this in order to run around the back side of the street and hope that when my grandfather saw him coming toward him, he would recognize who he was. That plan worked and Grandpa said, "Oh I am so glad you rescued me."  On their way back home my grandfather suffered a massive stroke. Shortly after, he was peacefully ushered into Heaven. Later that year, when I was able to come home, my parents traveled up for my college graduation. On our way home, the topic of Grandpa's last conversation with Dad came up. Just before the ambulance arrived, Dad was holding him in his arms and Grandpa was weakly rejoicing in his salvation, in the thought of him joining Grandma and his family. Grandpa then asked my dad, "Did I live out our Father's call in a deserving way?" Then Dad said, before he could even answer, immediately a huge smile came across Grandpa's face and he said, "Oh, thank you, Father! I'm ready and have been waiting." It was as if he raised his arms in order to be lifted toward heaven by His Savior.      

SO GO WITH GOD for He our Heavenly Father Who some day will joyously usher us also into the gates of heaven. Oh my dear one, hold high your banner for the King in this life. For surely He is coming to take us home to His palace and also all those that He has showered His saving grace upon, too.


brenda x


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