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Do you know which state is the only one to have more than one time zone? Is it Hawaii; Alaska; Texas; or is it California? Tune in next time. Hint: it is the largest state in the U.S. it has the Pacific Time Zone & the Yukon Time Zone.

Monday 12/26

Prov. 26:17,18 “ Interfering in someone else’s argument is as … damaging as a madman shooting a deadly weapon.”

The NKJ “Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death.”

These next few verses 17-22 deal with the damage that arguments bring.

This first verse emphasizes the outcome of uncontrolled words spoken, like a fire brand that cannot be contained. This last year a fire such as this, compared to these harmful words spoken that bring unextinuishable hurt, and damage to even innocent people.

This fire was in seemingly fire resistant areas, not much natural fuel, small living trees, small hills & valleys, limited population, yet it couldn’t be contained. There were fire crews from the whole area, and though they were able divert the fire from most homes, yet it still remained unable to be contained. Finally after several weeks, a rare storm front blew in from the ocean with rainfall, and damp cool sky’s, it then slowed the fires progress and then the crews made headway to get the fire under control.

In the same way comes the unnecessary words that can come to conversations, with not even really needed hurtful discussions. Words that outsiders bring, that rather than cooling the conflict, result in increasing the damage to others. Like the wind may blow sparks to unaffected ares, and then it flashes up those areas. Interfering into others conflicts can bring about that very same sort of impact.

We have all, I think witnessed this sort of impact on others, one person with the intent to bring calm, instead brings hurt to some other person outside the conflict.

This proverb is giving a warning to be sure you measure your words, with an intentional purpose. For words that are spoken in haste can bring harm when out of control.

So Go With God and He will give you wisdom in what to say, when to say, and most importantly the way to speak those things, and whether they are beneficial or not.

brenda x
26 dec. 2022

Duh then, I say Alaska since you mentioned the Yukon



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