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Welcome to the weekend, Saturday the first day of it all.

Hey, Have you ever wondered where the game; Corn Hole got its name? Was it the creators name? Was it a mispronunciation? Or maybe an old recipe? Possibly it was the bag's filling? Why not make a guess, and I'll tell you the answer next week.

Well our meditation today comes from Prov. 22:2 "The rich and poor have this in common: The Lord made them both."

While God is only Father of those who receive Jesus as Savior, (John 1:12) "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God,..."He none the less is the creator of all mankind.

Just think each and every person is equally created by God, regardless of wealth or status.

There are many Proverbs that emphasize that truth. Including Prov. 14:31 or 17:5 along with many other places in the Bible.

Prov. 29:13 illustrates this fact that both the rich & poor receive sight from God.

This verse isn't just pointing out this simple fact; but there are a number of other references to the fact that regardless of tangeable resources, we are called to show respect to others equally; due to the fact of our creator.

Imagine a world where ownership of material belongings had no impact on honor & respect. A place where compassion & concern was given out to all others equally in our life.

How we handle these two extremes determines much about what we consider of value. You see it's the life not the trappings of life, that determine our value.

Think about this for a minute-- Jesus chose to be poor. Born in a manger (cow shed, walked among common men, ate with sinners & publicans, slept on the ground, etc.) The list could go on.

Do you think this choice was an accident? I personally don't think so. I, in fact think it was an intentional object lesson, to us all.

Jesus spoke this truth to us all, in order to emphasize this lesson from Solomon to his sons & each of us.

Solomon is saying to us; That those who give honor to wealth, position, & possessions over personhood have missed the whole point. The point of God's creative work yells out this truth; in His giving His perfection equally to all mankind.

So Go With God for He of all eternal beings places equal value on all of His creation. He considers you & I His gift to all of His world. This is a truth that is difficult to appreciate. The same God who brought into existence the wonder of His creative power, the sky, sea, mountains, trees; we could go on; brought you & me into existence.

What wonders will never cease.

Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Sep 10, 2022

I think it's called Cornhole because of what they used to fill the bags with. Either corn kernels or corn meal maybe?



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