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Today we are going to give you an easy factoid. Which river feeds the Niagara Falls? Is it the Thames River; Mississippi River; Yukon River; or the Niagara River? Now make your guess. I remembere the time that I was overwhelmed with the force of this Falls. My friend, Ken Callison, stood beside me and as I wanted to express just how amazing this was, I had to yell because of the fact that the water running over the falls was so loud he couldn't hear me.


Psalm 10:12-14 "Arise, O Lord! Punish the wicked, O God! Do not ignore the helpless! Why do the wicked get away with despising God? They think, God will never call us to account." But you see the trouble and grief they cause. You take note of it and punish them. The helpless put their trust in you. You defend the orphans."

More later, I need to take my dear Becky to see the doctor, so will finish this past later. Please by the way uphold her in prayer, for the pain of this surgery has been very intense. Beginning with on a scale of highest 10. She was on a 10 - 8 at first, but now is about a 6-7 now. She is a tough girl so please pray for her. I'll return to our post after her doctors appointment.

Well we're back and all is well with Becky's eyes, healing nicely, thanks for your prayers.

Here in this passage God is recognized for His role as Helper or Advocate for His children, particularly in regard to orphans. He is recognized as defender of His children par excellence.

Everyone desires for a family who cares about and after them. You may ask me what proof do you have to affirm this fact. When an elderly lady visited our church in Joplin,Mo. at the end of the service her son called and told her that they were unable to pick her up and take her home. They inquired if someone could take her home, as their car had broken down, and they weren't able to arrive at the church for several hours. Upon hearing this my dad volunteered to take to her to our house for lunch and then we would drive her home.

Later that afternoon, upon arriving to her home we came to the realization that she was living in a rest home. We then walked her into the home to her room. On the way to her room she introduced us as her family, and grandchildren. She was so proud of us being her family. The next week mom called and asked if she needed a ride to church that Sunday and of course lunch. She was delighted that we even remembered her. This quickly became a weekly ritual, and she slowly introduced us to more of her friends at the rest home.

As a young family, we decided to carry on that weekly visit and to include making friends with different people in her rest home. So Sunday after going to church and then home to eat lunch with our new found grandmother, we would walk through the rest home and get to know more of her friends. She became the most popular lady at the home. People who had no family that would pay them a visit called on her to introduce them to us.

Soon we would go to the home for lunch as one of the rest homes guest and then we sat in the middle of these new found friends. We laughed, visited, read cards we had made for them, sang Happy Birthday to them on their special day, showed them our latest school papers, etc. My sister played her violin, all of us kids sang songs we had learned from church & from school, we made bread, cookies, etc. to give to whoever wanted them.

We became the family that when their real family came to visit, would be introduced as their special family members.

You can see just why David spoke of this special relationship that those who had no family when they were joined with God and His family in their times of challenge, were so filled with joy as He (God) and His children stepped up to care, protect, admire, yes and even grieve with these other ones who had developed a special trusting relationship in His family members.

David knew of this tremendous importance that they offered. When his own children and family were astranged from Him at various times, his fellow armor bearers would travel through enemy lands to bring him a cup of cool water all after he just in passing requested it.

SO GO WITH GOD for only He cares for you in this way. Rest in His love and care for He alone will love you in this way. He will defend you even when you fail, He will defend you even when your conduct is indefensable. He alone will draw you into His protective care. As a mother bird cares for her fledglings in times of storms. He cares for you, don't forget this truth. This is a sure place the place, the gathering of the family of God.

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