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Well good morning my friends. Well I guess I threw you a curve ball, when you thought because the names Dot & Dash would be the nick names that came from the morse code would be used by Samuel Morse, but, that was a wrong conclusion. It was Thomas Edison that nick named his 2 youngest children Dot & Dash. Dot is the code symbol for E and Dash is the symbol for T.

Here's another question to stretch your brain. What do cows say when you milk them? you guessed it. "I'm underlying thankful"

Wednesday 7/12

Eccl. 1:13b,14 "I soon discovered that God has dealt a tragic existence to the human race."

I observed everything going under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless-like chasing the wind."

It is interesting that this book Eccl. never uses the title "Yahweh" His covenant name that was given to the Jews in Ex. 3:14,15. Rather the writer, Solomon uses the title Elohim 40 times, which is meant to stress His sovereignty over all creation.

In other words this is a title used by all of those who fail to rest on their covenant relationship, "being His child". Those who fail to trust in Him for their salvation. So this position is ours when we fail to place our trust in Him as our Heavenly Father. When we live in this outlook it is a "tragic existence" a "mindless chase".

This title was used by Solomon to speak of universal truth, rather than the peculiar covenental relationship that we as His chidren share. This phrase "chasing the wind" only occurs in the Hebrew Bible in Ecclesiastes in these verses: 1:14; 2:11; 2:17; 2:26; 4:4; 4:6; 6:9 and they all follow the "vanity" statement.

For the unbeliever life is real, but quickly passes away, and any attempt to hold onto it is as futile as trying to hold onto the wind. It simply passes through his hands.

The conclusion of Solomon was that; No matter how much knowledge a person can achieve, none of this learning has value when compared to the covenant relationship that God's children enjoy. Throughout this book he the writer is reminded of this fact, over & over. Real satisfaction cannot be experienced apart from this loving relationship with our eternal God & Savior.

Tomorrow we will dig even deeper into this learning. For all of time people of great learning have attempted to impress themselves & all others alive in their time of the value of their knowledge, but in the end, they always come to the same conclusion; "Without Him it is all empty & meaningless."

So Go With God my dear one, for we hold in our heart the most priceless, invaluable gift that any person can have. Eternal Salvation. This knowledge is the very force that caused those who faced death, to trade their very lives, for their destiny in Him. When they faced death on the cross, or being burned on the stake, their eternal salvation was always the only promise that they held onto. Steven when faced with being stoned to death, held onto it fearlessly, he looked into heavens heaven for his return to his eternal home.

Lindsay Winterton


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