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What do you think? Just how much trash does the average American throw away daily?

Is it 1.5 pounds; 23.2 pounds; 13.9 pounds; or is it 4.4 pounds? Make your guess and I’ll tell you who was the closest and the actual figures. _____________

Wednesday 12/7

Prov. 26:2 “Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse will not land on its intended victim.”

Notice that both verse 1 & 2 is comparing the value of foolish thinking. (The weather, the birds) Neither of these forces, are controlled or have any more value, than a foolish persons insights.

This warning focuses on the unplanned, uncontrolled flight of these two small forms of birds. Both of them aren’t predatory animals, and as a result these forms of flight aren’t prone to bring fear to others, including other smaller species of birds. Now, if they were hawks, or eagles then this flight would cause a greater concern.

The intimation here is that a foolish persons, threat, or curse, isn’t as concerning, as a wise persons words. Example: A small primitive nation‘s threat to a powerful well armed nation is not prone to be taken as seriously, as another powerful nations threat.

Somewhat compared to, when your driving down the freeway and you look into your rear view mirror and notice a small Smart car is driving too close to you, compared to a large 11/2 ton Dodge Ram muscle truck with a lift kit following too close behind your car.

This verse is attempting to state the great value of living with wise discernment in your life, over foolish abandon in your thinking. We have all seen those who have set aside living in reality over those who are living only for the present pleasure. Somewhat like, building a sun deck before putting a roof on your house just before the rainy season.

The writer is laying out added reasons/benefits for building our lives on the wisdom that we have been reading in the past 25 chapters. So Go with God for He knows all of the things that are ahead in our lives, therefore, He is properly preparing us for that future.

As I look around me I am deeply concerned for our coming generations, and the lack of seeming preparations that the coming generations have taken.

For example, their over involvement with Tik Tok, social media and the lack of concern for their future. Particularly, the lack of knowledge & understanding of the scriptures and little concern for right relationships with our Father. Not that I am this great spiritual giant, but that at least I am daily walking in His footsteps, and seeking to gain understanding from His words to us.

I pray daily that my children, as well as, my church family will seek to know Him & the power of His resurrection. Why not join us in this quest to maintain a Biblical Worldview, for then our thoughts & conversations have eternal value. Go With God my dear one !!! For you will never regret it.

Lindsay Winterton


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