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Well, good guess Jen, great guess Brenda, yes, the world's oldest roller coaster is at Sea Breeze Park in Pennylvania. It was built in 1908. Way to go!

Have you ever wondered why it seems that cats are always sleepy or sleeping? Well, here is a question for you. True or False they are prone to sleep 15 hours a day.

Thursday 7/27

Eccl. 2:10 "Anything I wanted, I would take. I denied myself no pleasure. I even found great pleasure in hard work, a reward for all my labors."

Well here in this verse Solomon is talking about two things:

Purpose to look for things to enjoy in your life. (sun set, blossoming flowers, beautiful scent, etc.)

Determine that you look for ways to enjoy your labor (work) in life.

He is warning us that our lives are short in comparison to eternity, and the way we leave behind any value is to along the way that we live is to bring joy to others, our family, friends, co-workers, etc.

In a nut shell, he is saying "I poured myself into my hobbies, my entertainment, and my career. And my heart rejoiced-for a while."

Labor/work is one of Solomons favorite words, in fact this is the 3rd mention of the 30+ times he mentions labor in this book.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that as you entered you were greeted by your waiter/waitress who you sensed was intent on making your time there the most enjoyable time you have ever experienced?

They began by telling you the restaurants best, most distinguishing food delights. They made sure your water was chilled, your environment was perfect, your food was suitable, etc. Even the warm damp towel that you cleansed your hands & face at the end of the meal was acceptable?

When you drive past that place do you remember the care & enjoyment you experienced and it is emblazoned in your mind?

This is how we should carry out our lives in all we do. Especially, how those who wonder into our church should feel. They should feel cared for, valued, genuine concerned should be evident in our contact with them.

This last year a man came to visit our church along with his two sisters. His name was Paul, & he had just moved from back east. He had recently experienced the death of his life long friend, his wife, so his sisters brought him to our little church hoping that we would help him through his time of loss.

He Paul, once his sisters had flown back home, he visited our church one other time. We reached out to him since he lived in the neighboring community, from our house in Menifee at Canyon Lake. We had tentively talked about a significant coffee place next to our community where we would meet up the next week.

I called him to set up the time that week when we could meet, but there was no answer, so I left several messages on his phone. That next week his sister, Martha called me from New Jersey to tell me that he had died of a heart attack. After a few minutes of conversation due to my phone messages that I had left, for Paul & our conversations, at church, she ask me to perform Paul's memorial service.

As we were leaving the service Martha & her family expressed their appreciation for our church being so friendly to Paul. He had attended several churches in our area, but he told his sister that He had decided that he was intending to make our church, his church home. When they ask him why, He said this. They like each other, and care for each other, and I need for that in my life.

This is the very thing that Solomon was talking about. Enjoy life, the things you do, and the people your are surrounded by.

So Go With God for our fellowship with Him and His family are our greatest gift. Determine to enjoy your life, your friends, and those loved ones of our Savior. Those are the things that live on, past our life on this earth. He loves you my dear one, and He desires for us to love each of His loved ones, thats you my friend, enrich your life with joy & concern. Those are the things that live on.

Do you remember the worker who just got the job done, or the one who purposed to serve you with joy & intent?

brenda x


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