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Well good Monday morning. By the way today is Religious Freedom Day being celebrated since 1786, this kinda goes along with our devotion today. This is also Martin L King birthday, his most famous words were, "An unjust law is no law at all" "To be just, our laws must alway reflect God's law."

I ask you last Saturday why you thought that November was when we held elections, and I guess none of you knew. Well it was as because the harvest was brought in & in the farming world a little time was open for voting. This was a time in our nation before industry had become the primary form of job creation.

Monday 1/16

Prov. 27:8 "A person who strays from home is like a bird that strays from its nest."

This verse is talking about two different concerning groups of people: young people, and responsible adults.

Since Solomon was primarily writing this to his son, and young people lets drill down on youthful concerns first:

It is natural for children & young people to start their quest for independence - however, the dangers

can mount quickly when they enter into this quest to quickly. Get lost from your family moorings, or your

Biblical base, etc.

Just as the bird learns to address his independence by learning to fly first, then taking short flights, then

longer flights, then returning, so also should a young person take varying times away from home. Such

as overnights at family friends homes, then weekend camping trips with neighboring friends, then week

long camping, etc.

So also it is wise to begin steps of independence in life. Getting a job, learning the proper use of money

from that job, being taught budgeting technique, assistance in filing taxes, etc. all of these steps are

easier taken from home. Then community college while living at home, then moving to college & caring

for your own dorm room, bills, transportation, then graduating & seeking a life career, etc.

Of course this an over simplification of the maturing process, but a fair example. The primary warning

whether to children or adults, is that change, or new challenges, require careful evaluation & process to

help guard us from harmful mistakes or destructive patterns. Caution, deliberate planning, and the

desire for oversight help us through the maturing process, as well as, the plans for new directions in the


I have witnessed this even among senior adults, a spouse dies, and the desire to experiencing fulfilling

the needs of loneliness can cause an otherwise mature adult to move into circumstances that brings


The prodigal son is the perfect example of entering into independence & the potential destructive

events that can bring harm to weigh heavy on our lives. (Luke 15:11-32)

So Go With God for He will guide us through all those seeming struggles each step of the way, if we will but move slowly and deliberately in His path.

brenda x


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