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Tuesday is always a fun day. Bet you can’t guess, What the mouse wanted for his birthday? Oh well, your right, it was cheesecake. Sounds a little cheesy to me. Ha, Oh My.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 19:25 “If you punish a mocker, the simpleminded will learn a lesson; if you correct the wise, they will be wiser.”

If there ever was a day for this truth to be passed on, it definitely is in our day, and even more so in our state. Right???

This passage addresses three groups of people:

1) mockers being punished for

learning nothing

2) simpletons being taught an

important lesson

3) the inexperienced gaining

understanding from the

mockers plight

Now, let’s go back, lessons learned:

1) Mockers may never learn from


2) Simpleminded will learn by the

example of the mocker

3) The wise person will gain even

more wisdom by witnessing

correction administered

According to this verse the person who is simpleminded can be taught, if given corrective guidance. We note this in Prov. 13:1; 21:11; 1:4,22

The Hebrew word used here refers to the simple person as someone who is naive, gullible and easily falls into temptation because of ignorance or obliviousness. (Prov. 7:7; 9:16; 22:3; 27:12)

However, there is hope, they are able to gain learning, for they accept discipline and gain insight as a result of their receptive attitude.

There is no better illustration than what we see on the freeway everyday. When flashing blue lights are seen that always slows down the traffic.

So lesson learned, arrogance is our greatest enemy. All around us are people who are in leadership roles that think they have no need of following the very laws they put into force. However, regardless of the immediate result of this, they will at some point suffer from this action. The longer they go without punishment the harsher the consequence becomes. Time (God‘s steps are never thwarted).

So Go With God for He will guide us and protect us from the harms that arrogance Brings. Our inner urgings of humility will always bring blessings, peace, and contentment, remember Prov. 1:22 instructions. In verses 26-29 we will focus on the consequences of pride In various venues.



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