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Well its Wednesday and you all were right on the name of the national park in Colorado, it was Rocky. Mountain, way to go, you all. Here is another brain tease: Why do birds fly south in the fall? Well silly it's because its to far to walk. Ha ha bet you didn't see that coming.

Wednesday 1/18

Prov. 27:10 "Never abandon a friend -- either yours or your father's."

The wise sage split his advice into 3 parts regarding friendships. Today lets focus on the first bit of advice.

The primary lesson here is to place a greater value in life on those folks called friends. Both those who have proven to be your friend and secondly on those who have proven to be your fathers, family friend.

The thought here is that true friendship is of highest value in regards to people in God's economy & in your life. It should never be neglected nor expected (taken for granted). Your parents friends should be held in higher regard because they have proven their loyalty longer. So, that makes their trustworthiness even deeper.

My grandfather had many friends because he had always been friendly to those in his field of business. This proved to be very rewarding to all of us children & grandchildren.

I will never forget one day driving a trailer of wood towards the salvage yard for my dad and the tire must have rolled over a nail & quickly went flat. My brother & I were unhitching the trailer from the car, no sooner had we blocked up the trailer and prepared to remove the tire, than a truck rolled up beside us. A smiling man got out & said "Aren't you Ben Markley's grandsons?" I answered yes, he said are you taking this to Ben's salvage yard? I said, in fact yes, so he offered to roll the trailer up on the bed of his truck and said I was going to stop by there to check & see if your grandad had some materials I need for a project I'm working on. How bout you let me load your trailer on the truck & we'll head over there now?

Once we arrived at grandfathers yard, the man laughed and recounted the many times he had been at an out of town auction & he had bought more materials than he could haul on his truck, so grandpa had hauled the rest on his truck for Him.

That was just one of the many times that my grandfathers generosity was a benefit to my brother Dan & I.

Real sincere, giving friendships pay enormous dividends. I remember when recounting this to dad he laughed and referred to this verse for me.

Really, friends are borne for adversity. We'll look at that next time. Invest your friendship capitol, you'll never regret it.

So Go With God for He will always be your friend & will bring those who are His friends into your life at just the exact moment of need. "Blessed be the name of Jesus"

Lindsay Winterton
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