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It’s Saturday, the day designated to catching up duties that have been unable to be done during the week by most American families.

You may be asking; Why is Pomp & Circumstance the song played for graduations? It was written in 1901 for the coronation for Britian’s Edward VII. In 1905 Edward Elgar the writer of the song was rewarded an honorary doctorate at Yale. Since 1905 that graduating class & Elgar walked out of the ceremony to this song it has become the staple for graduations in the U.S. primarily due to the lyrics that are focused in its theme, “Land of Hope and Glory”.

Our meditation for today is on Prov. 19:17 “He who has pity

(Is gracious) on the poor lends to the Lord, And He will pay back what he has given.”

There are 32 references as to how other believers should respond to the poor in Proverbs as well as almost 200 other verses in the rest of the Bible. The general consensus is that they should be treated graciously, and with kindness.

Now for us to gain a clear understanding of this guidance, we must take the time to define the poor, and needy.

First, of all this is not speaking of those who are poor due to their laziness, or refusal to provide for themselves.

Second, it is talking of those who are orphaned or widowed or unable to work due to physical maladies.

Third, it is not talking about those who have been offered assistance to meet their personal needs but have refused that assistance due to reasonable expectations.

Fourth, those who have inadvertently fallen upon hard times.

So we can see that it is defining who God recognizes as needy & poor. Those are the people who we should strive to assist as unto the Lord, for these are honorable for us to help to the extent that we are able to help.

In our work & conversations with those who come to our church ministry for feeding the needy. As well as, our local ministry, Dream Team, who together we attempt to help the needy. We attempt to help elderly folks with physical needs that they are unable to afford for their house, replacing light bulbs, mowing grass, painting, etc. There are some today that use their lack of industry for reason to be helped.

The Bible gives us guidance in these areas, but calls us to be a compassionate people, to those who are impoverished for many reasons. Fortunately, the Father doesn’t expect us to be all-wise in these matters. He just provides a blanket promise, “He will pay back what has been given in His name.”

He does emphasize the spirit in which we are to give. With graciousness, kindness, compassion, and caring for these His children.

So Go With God, for He will repay our generosity to others. We must look to Him for His care for others. Regardless of the reason for others being needy, whether due to their own carelessness or otherwise. Our attitude should always be sprinkled with compassion & concern.



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