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Well good morning all, this will be my last post for the next 12 days as we won't have internet on the cruise we are embarking in Miami, so we will miss our early morning times, but it will be over before we know it, and we will be joined together again.

In answer to our question of yesterday as to what the "com" website address was meaning in short for, yes it is short for "commercial".

On the lighter side, here is a joke for Richard & Jen, and all those cat lovers across the blogesphere. What song do kittens play to fall asleep? Cat's Cradle. Ho ho


Ecclesiastes 11:7 "Light is sweet; how pleasant to see a new day dawning."

Here Solomon is reminding us that "Life is really a priviledge. So be thankful for it." Each day is a new opportunity to shine out for Jesus. The sadness or struggle of yesterday are gone and a brand new day of opportunity is before us. Each day unfolds new challenges and opportunities.

Have you noticed just how each day has something precious in store. Maybe its a letter from someone that you have lost contact with, or a special blessing that some of those who you love have been showered with. Each new day will bring some new blessing that you had no real inkling of.

I can remember the times that we would calve a new baby cow, the times when the mother had the greatest struggle to birth her calf was always the greatest joy. When that little calf would walk around on wobbly legs, and look at that whole new world with amazement was a time of joy.

Mama would joy in the birth of her new young child.

Each time our family member would have a baby the joy of new life was always a time of such rejoicing. I remember hearing of the time that the ambulance workers brought mom into the house on a stretcher, (that was the normal manner of returning mothers who had just had a baby at that time). I ran up to mom and with child like wonder yelled out to her, "Mom, You won't believe it we have a brand new baby." The workers just about dropped mom they were so overtaken with their laughter. As though my mom didn't know.

For many years my older sister and parents reminded me of that moment. Earlier that day I had bought a new play gun with holster and all so we could play cowboys. I hadn't realized that it would be a few days before that would even be a possibility.

This morning as the sun rose in the sky and the ducks flew overhead announcing a new day and many new surprises were before us. The song sung by Louis Armstrong came to mind "What a wonderful world." Can you comment on an event in your life where the wonder of that new day comes into your mind? Yesterday, Richard told me of the time that he enjoyed the surprise of buying a muscle car and the power that he felt when stepping on the gas and catching his neck with that power. How bout you???

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Jan 24

John is more alert today THANK YOU LORD



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