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Did you know that there are several unusual ingredients that are found in many perfumes? Like dimethyl sulfide which is found in sulfur, onions, durian fruit, asparagus, and you guessed it, dead horse arum lily, and also roses. When this chemical is found in proper balance it exudes a rose scented perfume which also gives a hint of sea breeze.

Well, So much for perfume.

Our meditation is found in Prov. 17:14 “Starting a quarrel is like opening a flood gate, so stop before a dispute breaks out.”

This reminds me of a food fight, one person flips a piece of food in their spoon across the room and then another hurls one back and the rest is history. One person begins it and a whole crowd of people get involved.

This reminds me when mom had volunteered to cook at camp so my sister stepped in to cook at home. Well, each meal seemed like someone accidentally spilled their milk. So one night my dad gave a stern warning “The next person who spills milk will have to lick it up”, in which he promptly turned and spilled his milk across the table and onto the floor. He looked sheepishly to us and we all put our thumbs to say “you don’t have to lick it up” and we all laughed and then all cleaned up the mess.

From then on whenever harsh words were spoken in our house - someone would say “remember dads spilt milk” that humorous event would lighten the atmosphere and sweep away the hurtful words.

That‘s what wisdom teaches us. Our response to potential hurtful words can either stir the conflict or turn the conversation to tenderness, it’s all up to those first words of response.

It‘s also up to the amount of each ingredient & its mixture in perfume that causes it to stink or smell glorious.

So Go With God and pray for words that will bring a cleansing, refreshment to a conversation and He will bring to your mind those exact words needed, to stem the potentially harmful, hurtful tide.


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