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We are continuing to pray for John this morning for we all understand the pain of falling at one point or another.

One a note of interest, Do you know what woman's name is found on the Declaration of Independence??? Of course we know about John Hancock and his amazing penmanship. But, do you know which woman's name is placed on this document? More tomorrow.

Thursday 4/6

Prov. 29:21 "A servant pampered from childhood will become a rebel."

In considering this warning today we need to first understand the role of the household servant.

First, in the Near East the servant was considered a part of the household, many times reared with the

children of the master.

Second, they were part of the household heads responsibility (the oldest male) he was to give strict

oversight, to fail to instruct, discipline, gain control, would ultimately require harsh measures.

Third, if the head allows the servant to go undisciplined as verse 19 says, then they may forget their

standing, and then be tempted to take on the role of a rebellious child.

Now to the point of the verse, If the person who is responsible to bring proper discipline to the servant, or fails in his role, then the servant will expect to be treated equal to the household children.

Unfortunately this sort of treatment (being pampered) won't end well. For as the servant matures he will be expected to act honorably toward his master. However, due to his roles expectation being ignored, the future will be ultimately brought to a place of rude awakening. Rather than learning to obey, show proper respect, or to carry out his role of servant hood, they will experience great hardship when placed in adult responsibilities. Punishment will be the necessary action and this will become very uncomfortable to everyone.

This focus though centered around the servant is actually generally addressing the failure to discipline any youth. Be it a servant or even a child, they all need discipline, and instruction, and we all are responsible of passing on this vital gift, to children.

So Go With God for He is the most gentle, wise, effective instructor for all mankind. Go to Him in all of life's bumpy roads whether due to our failures or mistakes. He will graciously instruct us, as we come to Him.

brenda x
Apr 06, 2023

I guess something like Betsy Ross. I dunno!



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