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Way to go everyone, your comments were filled with great insight. Here is a quiz. Which company's candy promised it's candy to melt in your mouth not in your hands? Was it M&M's, Hershey's Kisses, Mars Bars, or was it Macaroons? Make a guess.

On the lighter side, Knock, knock. Who'se there? Nobel. Nobel who? No bell, That's why I knocked. Ha!


Ecclesiasted 10:3 "You can identify fools just by the way they walk down the street!"

Now lets dissect this thought that Solomon left behind for us toi gain from. He is more or less saying what my dad used to say, "A foolish person doesn't need to wear a sign to identify him as a fool, for his foolish ways will announce that."

Have you noticed, unfortunately how just a few foolish decisions can degrade many long periods of wise decisions and honorable conduct. Or can you remember seeing how it's so easy to bring a persons reputation to a grinding halt, by just a few mistakes and then his refusal to own up to them?

Eccl. 2:14 says, "... the wise can see where they are going (choose to walk in the light), but fools walk in the dark." (therefore they are prone to falling)

In a world where foolish people refuse to honor, obey, or give credence to God's instruction we clearly recognize the outcome. People overloaded with sadness and depression, others living in squalor and addiction, while the educated ones, swallow the lies of evolution though just common sense points out its foolishness. Look at the field that is untended, do you see massively productive crops or a weed patch, or homes left to age do you see a beautiful oasis or a run down shack? Just these simple tests put wisdom to our full view .

In my own family this fact was clearly demonstrated. My great grandfather died suddenly, his dream house was only half built, his wife was very sick, his farm was being developed for raising prime cattle. When he died he had written in his will that each of his sons was to be given $1,000 which at that time was equivalent to substantially more than presently.

One son bought a tract of land and began producing highly profitable crops. While one son began inventing mining eqiupment which improved the profitability of the industry he worked in, and then he traded his invention for a share of the company, and continued to invent various household inventions.

One son began selling farming implements, and then repairing that equipment, he also developed an over air spraying company, for spraying pesticides and fertilizers on the farmers crops. While my grandfather began a salvage business where he bought, traded, and sold all sorts of discarded supplies. All of these sons became succesful in their individual efforts.

However, their oldest brother became paralyzed by his responsibilities, of the care for his mother, and completion of the farm house and operation of his livestock. The brothers attempted to assist him in these projects, but he refused any help. He always knew a better way. Fortunately my great grandfather had amassed a large herd of horses and cows which with a little effort continued to provide for his families basic need throughout his life. One brother graciously developed a process to bag, and sell the manure from the farm, for city gardeners, which he paid me to scoop up and bag, and then a local business picked up and sold and returned the money made to the eldest brother.

The eldest son settled for a limited level of success due to his foolish ways. Our world today shares in this same foolish way. Our culture for the most part refuses to listen, honor, or obey God and the result is difficult to ignore. For example, look at the number of people who are ravaged by depression, worry, and addiction. Look at the thousands of people living in the squalor of homelessness, addiction, and undisciplined lifestyle. Oh I could go one but need I?

SO GO WITH GOD my dear one, for He will make even our mistakes beneficial for our lives. When we admit our failures, mistakes and call out for His wisdom He will set a new course for our lives. Oh my friend listen to His instruction, then follow in those words and obey His loving voice. Then He will make your path straight.

brenda x


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