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Imagine it's Friday, By the way, Do you know which U.S. state capital has a three word name? Well if you guessed Utah you were right. Their capital city is Salt Lake City, which was determine to be its capital in 1896. It's mining, as well as, salt development were the beginning of the states success, but today it is the development of being a Western commerce rail connection hub, is the reason for its success today.

Hey do you know when a mouse should carry an umbrella? Yep you guessed it, When it's raining cat & dogs. Ha ha now don't get carried away. Oh

Friday 4/21

Prov. 30:6 "Do not add to His words, or He may rebuke you and expose you as a liar."

Now we may wonder just who is He? For us to add to His words, to be rebuked by, and to be exposed as a liar. This is "actually" (as my 4vyear old grandson Parker says) comparitably easy to answer when we refer to other locations where this is spoken.

In Deut. 4:2 where it says, "Do not add to or subtract from these commands I am giving you."

Deut. 12:32 says "... be careful to obey all the commands I give you. You must not add anything to them ..."

Rev. 22:18 "...If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues ..."

This warning is laid out as God who is speaking, for we all are aware of mankind's limitations, Agur just laid out that fact in verses 2-4 of this chapter.

We are convinced here by these words as to the absolute sufficiency of the Bible, and certainly no one should dare to believe himself to be worthy of asserting any new revelation to God & His words.

This warning is certainly condemning any cult that adds any new revelation, or new traditions to be added to the authority of the Bible. There have been those who have denied adding to the Bible, but at the same time, setting out to present new insights into the Biblical teachings which in turn in all actuality do that very thing. "Add to its words."

However, this warning stands, there are to be no words added to alter the teaching of the Bible. Some folks have sought to for instance, refut the justice that God speaks of for those who attempt to lessen the penalty of refuting God's eternal punishment. Sighting God's loving concern for mankind. They however, are not able to recognize that there must be a balance of our Fathers justice & love.

For without proper justice, there will be a limitation in His love. We look around us today and see the harm that is being brought to innocent people by brutal destruction. Just this past week we witnessed an uprising in Chicago and the harm that this failure to punish wrong doing. By the leadership of this city saying "kids will be kids". Excusing the damage, destruction, and physical harm being brought to the innocent by standers. Cars burnt up & destroyed, small businesses looted & burned, etc.

The failure of the elected people to issue arrests, incarcerations, punishment by even proper bail, being required, proves the necessity of justice to be provide which is based on love for all.

God has laid out His instructions for a proper lifestyle, for due process in justice, for the faithful obedience to His guidelines. They have as their base desire to love, live out compassion, to provide a world where all people are provide safety, integrity, for the society of mankind. Tio ignore, or add to this instruction will result in loss for everyone.

So Go With God for His ways go far beyond mankind's ability. I look at this he death & destruction of our day, and I am further convinced of the wisdom of God's instructions for us. To rest in His judgement, wise eternal instruction, and recognize His great wisdom in all things.

Due to being limited in our knowledge, many times we are unable to recognize the big picture of His laws. Then we may even reason that He is uncaring, impatient, etc. unfair. When in reality, His ways bring the greatest care, as well as, require the greatest level of all of these things for us.

From God's vantage point He recognizes the greatest level of needs in our lives, so we must stop and rather than add to our expectations for what is best on His part, we should purpose to be reticent to

step into becoming the judge of His purposes in our lives.

brenda x


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