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Just in case you forgot my question last Saturday it was true or false, Neil Armstrong has a moon on the walk of fame that is true way to go Some of you who guessed right.

Please pray for Pastor Cam and his family as he was called to rush to his parents home town, Boise, Idaho as his father has taken a turn for the worst in the hospital.

Monday 1/9

Prov. 26:2 "Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth-a stranger, not your own lips.

This evidently is an important warning because it is mentioned a number of other places in the Bible. Prov. 25:27; 2 Cor. 10:12; 2 Cor. 10:18; 2 Cor. 12:11. The collective inference here is that we should be careful not to call into question our success by putting too much emphasis on one good over the many successes of others who have done well. In other words we should when successful be sure to express the involvement of many others in that successful effort.

This is also meant to emphasize the important value of praise, for when praise is placed on a person from others it is twice as valuable. You may ask why? Well, because it can't be in question of being proded on by pride or arrogance when it is offered up by others.

There was a wise sage who said, "The person who has the right to boast never does."

You'll notice Jesus never did, in fact,

He did just the opposite, in Mark 7:36; Mark 8:30; Mark 9:9. He asked the witnesses of His miracles not to tell anyone. This verse then must be emphasizing this warning for an important reason, Right?

I have question this for many years, and in my study of history and the Bible. I think, I came to an answer.

Have you noticed the many fables of the past we're spoken by others not the person they were spoken of. Also notice that in Jesus behalf His miracles were most often held onto as dear when others spoke of His works, not himself.

My conclusion is that the way to bring good works into a Legacy for others to be challenged by in a great way it must be passed on by others.

So Go With God for He will cause our successes to be enriching of righteousness in others lives, rather than bringing notice to ourselves. That way history is the voice, not us. That way He gains the praise & glory and others are motivated to good works.

brenda x


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