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Good morning friends, to answer Mondays question yes it was the stop sign that came first. He invented it in 1898 and in 1920 he established the Eno Center for Transportation in which he researched better ways to manage traffic. His traffic plans were fully instituted & developed in New York. How bout that?

Wednesday 2/1

Prov. 27:19 "As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person."

As you look into a still pond many things are reflected. The sky above you, the trees or other surroundings around you, the fish, or ripples in the water below you. Then all of these characteristics blend into your own appearance.

In the same way our attitudes, behavior, and response to circumstances that we encounter all reflect our inner feelings & responses.

Remember: Prov. 16:2 "People may be pure in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their motives."

Jer. 17:9 "The heart is the most deceitful of all things, ..."

We gain insights about ourselves through considering other peoples actions in life; their criticisms & compliments to others and ourselves & then our responses to them. This is an encouragement for us to examine our reaction to testing and examination by others. For our thoughts are a reflection of our true character.

It is so easy to become tainted by the evils of the world around us and become hardened to each other as a result. By the same notion we must be careful to joy in the many reflections of the many good blessings that Our Father has sprinkled into our lives. Just think of some of these precious people we have shared as a church family, Eula Mae, Eddie, Jean, and the list goes on of so many blessings we have enjoyed over the years.

I think this verse is reminding us to as the song goes, "Count your many blessings". Reflect on all those joys we share in everyday. The cool breeze, the fresh drops of a rainfall, the warm rays of sun, the crisp white snowflake, the warm love of a dog, or cat, or bird, all of these & more. Let those thoughts soak into your heart and rush into the lives of others, as they have come flowing across our lives.

Just think, the beauty & grace of the butterfly yesterday is still resting in our memory today & many coming days. They are the creation of Our Father who is busily weaving these gifts for us today, tomorrow and yes even next month. Let His creative work become embraced in your life, face and heart each & every day.

Go With. God for He has so many surprises in store, truly He makes ALL things good for our enjoyment.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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