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Have you ever wondered why some radio stations start with a W and others start with a K? Well, in the U.S. the FCC assigns them west of the Mississippi River to begin with a K and then east of the river with a W. To make it more confusing they identify ship radios while operating in the Atlantic Ocean with a K and in the Pacific Ocean with a W. Wow, who knew?

Monday 12/12

Prov. 26:6 “Trusting a fool to convey a message is like cutting off one’s feet or drinking poison.”

This verse is warning us to not expect a foolish person to faithfully deliver an important message.

The wise sage gives us this warning for several reasons:

1) to trust the fool with vital information is tant amount to inflicting devastating wounds on our

own body

2) to trust a foolish person is also working against the best interests of ourselves as well as all

those impacted by that wasted trust

3) the fool won‘t deliver the message properly which will cause grief on everyone surrounding this

vital message

Now in review, the proverbs, presents the foolish person as someone who fails to acknowledge God, which in turn renders them incapable of accomplishing anything of true value. Not necessarily because they desire to fail in this, but because they are rendered incapable due to their lack of capacity.

So Go With God for He infuses within us the ability to understand and instill spiritual wisdom in all that we do. Then this powerful wisdom given to us by God, has the impact of being passed onto others, enriching their lives as well. So as we acknowledge His presence & walk in His Spirit‘s path we become empowered by His purposes in our lives & then we in turn bless others through this Spirit infusing work.

Lindsay Winterton


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