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Well howdy everybody, believe it ir not yes its Friday. Yesterdays quiz was asking you,

how many months have 31 days? You all made a great guess. the correct answer was 7. The number of perfection, completion, etc.

By the way, What do you call a sad strawberry? Yep, you got it right a BLUE berry. Ho. ha


Ecclesiasted 9:2 "The same destiny ultimately awaits everyone, whether righteous or wicked, good or bad, ceremonially clean or unclean, religious or irreligious. Good people receive the same treatment as sinners, and people who make promises to God are treated like people who don't."

Solomon is reminding us that there is one element of our life that is the same, our soul leaving this human body. Everyone of us will some day leave this earth, but for the believer, we will again return victorious with our Savior to reign with Him again.

This verse is meant to remind us that the choices that we have between the day we were born and the time that we leave this life are left in our hands. Whether we leave a legacy for our loved ones to continue living out, or whether we leave a dead piece of paper with our last words.

All of the rest of our life is as the saying goes, "An open book". What we do in this life will not change the ultimate outcome, but it will determine our present outlook. Over the years I have visited people facing their ultimate end of this life and I have notice the stark difference. For those people who lived with no regard for a healthy relationship with our Savior, and those who walked in constant communion with our Father. The difference is impossible to communicate to you in this post. But, if you have witnessed it, you won't ever forget it.

This sort of eternal outlook makes all the difference with our daily conduct. When our prayer life and meditation in the Word is alive, it is as it were, electric. As we pour over His words to us, we are moved, encouraged, lifted, etc. etc. etc. Without a proper relationship with Him, it is an empty, dull ritual.

As a child my parents were wise enough to place us kids in a place where we were able to be heroes. Our very childhood was untouchable in comparison the greatest physical gift anyone could possibly give. Each Sunday afternoon we would load up in the car and drive to the local senior center. There our very childhood became a super power. We could do no wrong. When we walked into the room of an elderly person our smile, little body, funny actions, highly tuned voice were all the super power you could ever possibly want.

Many of the people we would visit hadn't had a visit from anyone who was non medical for months. I must admit when we began this mission we were fearful, even filled with the feeling of drudgery. But after that first time we began thinking of ways to demonstrate our super powers. We began making silly, wrong spelled words, ugly smudged hand prints, it seemed no matter how crude these all were they brought tears to our intended's eyes. They would show them with pride to their caregivers, and fellow center friends.

We so enjoyed this that we would prepare Saturday night by getting out the construction paper, glue, sparkles, etc. things that made a total mess of the kitchen table, but oh we were filled with anticipation about tomorrow's events. It gave us new meaning to memorizing the Bible verses, learning songs in SS, etc. This unleashing of our super powers were the teachers of so many lessons.

I am sure that my parents had weeks where they were tired or too busy but this unleashing of our super powers was a powerful influence in our lives. We children are forever endebted to our parents for teaching us the powerful force of a loving word, hug, song, etc.

After our visits we would go home to enjoy some amazing desert. Mom was a pastry chef for the Women's Club and I'm sure that these rich important women would be horrified to know that we children were their taste testers, because before mom served them these fancy desserts we announced our approval for the next week's dessert.

I'm sorry for getting off on a bunny trail of these joys. I hope all of this reminds you to use your super powers. You are His child and the most simple words, the greatest desire that you may have to walk with Him, etc is exercising your super power.

SO GO WITH GOD set at His feet, hug him by reading His Word, put your arm around Him by asking Him to guide you. Then at the end of your life you will be leaving your legacy for your children to live out. Also remind them by passing onto them the using of their super powers.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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