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Update on Pastor Cam's dad, He was a diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and is only expected to live a few weeks. Please hold the family up in prayer.

On a lighter note; Do you remember what Jeff Foxworthy's game show was called? "Are you smarter than a: 4th grader; 5th grader; 6th grader. Which one was it, do you remember? _________________

Wednesday 1/11

Prov.27:4 "Anger is cruel, and wrath is like a flood, but jealousy is even more dangerous."

It is important to understand this warning for jealousy, because it has destroyed many lives. We first must come to understand that first anger has the tendency to be short lived. It's tendency is to be like a match flame first it flashes very bright & then slowly burns out.

While wrath is an emotion that like a branding iron gets hot from the fire that it rests in, but eventually when removed from the fire begins to cool & then eventually becomes its room temperature. The length of time they both are enflamed is dependent on the source of its heat.

However, jealousy is so dangerous because it's fame isn't necessarily based on the present flame, it is usually a matter of someone's thought process. In other words, it comes from an internal source, (mental conclusions) not an external source (visible facts).

A perfect example of this is Saul, and his jealousy toward David in the killing of the giant, Goliath (1 Sam. 17). David was just a teen who while visiting his brothers on the front line of Israel's conflict with the Philistines, witnessed Goliath taunting Israel's army. David was enraged because he saw the army become fearful in the presence of this strong warrior, but knew God to be much stronger than any mere man. His faith had grown from his conflicts in life from overcoming the most powerful of Gods creation; bears, lions & wolves.

Once David saw this as Gods reputation being harmed he knew that God was by no means fearful & knew that His great power over all things was not to be ignored. He knewthat His power was Gods not his own, then he of course killed the Giant, The army and people were reminded of Gods power and then they began to act on that & of course you know the rest of the story.

Saul became jealous of David & his faith, even though David had no intention to harm Saul in any way. In fact he was gladly in servitude of Saul, even to the point of playing his harp to bring comfort to him.

However, though David loved him & his sons, especially Johnathon, Saul became enflamed with jealousy and this ruled his life & kingly reign from that point on. It ultamently led to his armies defeat & even his death and the destruction of his total family with the exception of one baby, who David saved & cared for. Can you see why this warning is such an important teaching for Solomon to teach his sons? After all, since they were going to be the kings of Israel in the coming decades?

What is the outcome of jealousy? Ultimately, death & destruction if it goes unchecked.

So Go With God for when our faith is placed in God, then jealousy is removed from power in our lives.

Lindsay Winterton


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