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WELL!!! It takes just a little over 30 days to travel from one end to the other for a drop of water to travel through. On a lighter way. Why was the fruit thrown into prison? It was apri-caught stealing. All I can say is; You better watch out for that.

Monday 2/20

Prov. 28:9 "God detests the prayers of a person who ignores the law."

In other words to think your carrying on a conversation without listening to Gods voice becomes a tirade not a conversation. Poet John Burton said it this way, I may as well kneel down

And worship gods of stone

As offer to the Living God

A prayer of words alone.

So to pray without God's influence is just talking to the wind or asking for the wrong things which in affect is going outside of God's order. This of course, results in being alone, removed from God. Speaking but not being heard by God. And as for the result, asking for the wrong things. You see, one of the secrets of answered prayer is to keep in His Word's.

You see external acts of worship, even though it gives the appearance of meeting spirituality, is just speaking noisy words.

So the conclusion is; Stop to hear God's instructions before you set a new course. To fail to do this is like planning a trip without first determining where you need to end up. In other words, just going in an elaborate circle.

So before we begin our planning process its wise to be listening to God's voice, in order to gain a sense of His direction & desires before beginning our next move. Otherwise, our action becomes an exercise in chasing our tail. We make ourselves exhausted without any visible progress. Kind of like traveling miles & miles on a hamster wheel.

I remember watching the neighbors dog for a week, He would for hours chase his tail. So I decided to enlist his energy in carrying some ot the camping supplies for our neighborhood boys camping adventure. So I had him carry the sleeping bags, dog food and water bottles. I noticed that rather than barking & running around like a wild dog, he was busily transporting the needed equipment, and resting once we arrived at our camp site. And once we ate & fed him he laid down and slept. Once we began our trek back home Bosco was determined & purposeful in the drive of arriving back home.

I also noticed that he stopped chasing his tail, and rather nosed me to give him jobs. I enrolled him in playing with the baby rabbits (exercising them before we fed them). He began this work each day, barking to ask me to let him go play with the rabbits. This became his diversion from chasing his tail. When I would water & feed the chickens, he would dawn the water carrier, to walk to the chickens. He became the reason for the chickens to run to him. He found a whole new purpose for living, and when the neighbors returned the were so happy with his new purpose. Rather than chasing his tail & scratching in back till almost raw, he became a truly contented, happy dog. He just enjoyed everything in his life, resting with neighbors when they arrived home, as well as, busily playing with the bunnies, and watering the chicken.

As a result we learn the vital part of beginning our day with listening to His voice, and as a result we will accomplish fulfilling His eternal purposes throughout our day & fulfilling many additional accomplishments.

So Go With God for His ways are always fulfilling & enriching.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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