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Your right Jen I had asked a similar question regarding the Looney Tunes.

Here'e another quiz. Do you remember in the 1950's on which day most grocery stores were often closed? Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Make a guess.


Ecclesiastes 12:3b Remember Him before your teeth-your few remaining servants-stop grinding; and before your eyes- the women looking through the windows-see dimly."

In this next part of the verse we are reminded of two more parts of our body that have the tendency to diminish. However, the focus isn't on our teeth and eyes, but rather on our spiritual focus. "Remember Him"

Many times as we walk through life, with our attention looking to those present things in life. How fast we can travel, places we have visited, the things we can accomplish in a day, what kind if food we can enjoy. or the many places we can enjoy. Without stopping to focus on our Lord, His desires and purposes for our lives.

It is so easy to look to those external interests in our lives, while ignoring the very most important interest we should place before us. Our walk with our Savior. Are we stopping to look to Him and the things that He desires to accomplish in His world through us? Rather than focusing on that most important issue, it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that He has a greater purpose for us, than just living out our present life.

His greatest desire for us is to reflect His glory. As we were traveling this last month, I was reminded of the fact that His greatest desire for us is that we may bear in mind that no matter where we are, His desire for us is to demonstrate His glory through each of our endeavors.

As we looked across the oceans, jungles, unique animals of that terrain, the many people groups, the varied ways that they live. The primary focus needs to be on wherever we are is that we must purpose to bring glory to Him in just how we live for Him.

The huge beautiful blue butterfly's we saw were there to remind us of its creator, the monkeys running through the tall forest trees, the bustling team of people riding through there land on motorcycles, the beautiful sun rises and sunsets, all in existence to remind us of Him, His magnificent power, plan, purpose that He desires to demonstrate through us.

The tremendous force of gravity that when harnessed can move a ship 3,000 feet long and 93,530 tons in weight can be lifted over a mountain. Just think if we allow our Father to guide, move, direct ourselves through life what feats he can accomplish through our simple lives.

SO GO WITH GOD for He desires to flow His great glory through our lives and by our surrender He can move our lives beyond any limits we may face. Oh dear Father please run the power and glory of you through my limited life today.

Lindsay Winterton
Feb 19

Here is a picture from our trip he described in our devotion today. Monkey River - Belize - howler monkey dangling from a branch way up high.

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