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Wednesday 10/12

Say, Do you know who was the first president to have visited all 50 states was? It was either George Washington; Barack Obama; Franklin Roosevelt; Richard Nixon. Well if you guessed Richard Nixon you were right. In fact he traveled to the last state in the 70s.

Prov. 23:17,18 "Don't envy sinners, but always continue to fear the Lord. Your hope will not be disappointed."

This proverb is warning against envying & for living rightly & living for the future.

Sometimes those who habitually follow after sin find success. In fact in Psa. 73 the Psalmist felt envious of this in 73:2,3 but upon witnessing their fate in 73:16,17 and destruction in 73:27 he became convinced of their destruction in the end.

You see it all comes down to Gods integrity. Is He faithful to His promises or not? History proves this to be true, as well as, our own life experiences prove this out. In the next Proverb we will see why this is true.

So Go With God for as the saying goes "Occupation with the wicked brings discouragement; while occupation with God brings delight."

Lindsay Winterton
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