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Pastor’s Corner

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Well good morning my believing child please continue to pray for Chris & Vicki and their physical needs.

Today let’s look at Prov. 12:1 “The Lord approves of those who are good, (those seek to live in wisdom) but He condemns those who plan wickedness.”

Lets think for a minute about walking in wisdom and how to gain it.

Once a young man asked Socrates to give him wisdom. He said follow me and they walked to the ocean, he walked into waist deep water and then he grabbed the young man & held him under till he fought his way to the surface. Then Socrates said “When you want wisdom as badly as you wanted that breath of air, that’s when you begin the journey.”

Solomon is saying the same thing, to gain God’s favor we must desire to walk in wisdom. To dig in and commit ourselves to His instructions then we will be at the beginning of wisdom.

Wisdom (good) is the opposite of wickedness or evil. When we spend time reading, meditating, and struggling with putting these things into our daily life, then we will come to understanding & naturally begin to value wisdom & desire to do good. Then the Father will meet us with that place with reward, with His hidden treasures & spiritual gems that can only be experienced through that struggle. Next time we’ll focus on How to keep our heart focused on good.

So Go With God and He will cause His Spirit to bring to your life those events that will cause you to understand wisdom and walk more perfect in it’s path. He ❤️‘s you

Feb 13, 2022

Amen. Thank you.



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