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I think that this bit of trivia may be particularly interesting to our family wordmaster, Lindsay. Here it is Lindsay, and everyone else, get ready, Which letter appears in 11% of all English words? Is it A or T or O or it may be E. Make your guess and no pressure Lindsay. We'll give you the answer to this trivia next week.


Ecclesiastes 9:3 "It seems so wrong that everyone under the sun suffers the same fate. Already twisted by evil, people chose their own mad course, for they have no hope."

Here Solomon is pointing our thoughts to those people in our worldly system who have given no regard to our loving God and His words of guidance and warnings to steer us away from a life with this fateful outcome. Who as they chose to follow after the twisted worldly thinking, end up living a life without any real purpose or eternal lasting meaning.

He starts off with these words, "It seems wrong." In the grand scheme of things, it is wrong to place no regard for our ultimate outcome. You see when we disregard the wisdom that our Loving Father has given us in the Bible in order to lead our lives away from the twisted, foolish, mad thinking of our secular world. Then, in that disregard for His loving guidance we fall into the trap of Satan and his worldly system. Where he is desireous of moving our life into foolishness, and destruction.

The phrase "people chose their own mad course" is the perfect picture of our world that surrounds us. As we look about us it appears that the further that our surrounding world moves away from our Savior and His guidelines, the more destructive, mad the path that they follow becomes. If they were to step back from the mad, crazy thinking for just a moment and compare the wisdom that God offers them, surely they would choose a full and fruitful life rather than this crazy path. Don't you think?

Daily we are shown folks in the news, who have chosen lives of addiction, whether drugs, sex, etc. We see them living in tents and surroundings of trash, filth, etc. We might reason, that surely should they be given the opportunity to escape this destructive path, they would chose a new way. But as we recognize the many opportunities they are being offered, many of these hazed people go back to this same place, by their own choice.

So what is the answer?

As Solomon gives us this warning, he attempts to guide our lives away from the thinking of our world, and it's godless, meaningless, outrageous, insane life. Then as a result open our lives to the newness of life that Christ has freely offered to all.

SO GO WITH GOD for His pathway is one of just the opposite. A life centered on His loving care for us. Then He promises to provide for us along with unlimited days for eternity, Also to provide for us rich, meaningful purpose, and blessings beyond our wildest imagination. A community of believers who have a genuine love for our present fulfillment as well as a rich eternal destiny. It's not really much of a comparison is it?

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