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Here's an interesting piece of trivia that I was surprised by. What do you think was the most viewed page on Wikipedia this year? Was it Barbie, or Taylor Swift, or ChatGPT, or maybe Matthew Perry? Make a guess!


Ecclesiastes 9:12 "People can never predict when hard times might come. Like fish in a net or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy."

Solomon here speaks of two types of traps which by mere chance, tragedy comes :

tsammin - illustrates fish being caught in a net randomly cast into the water and then gathered up

pach - speaks of a trap where grain is spread on the ground and when birds feeds on it a net is

dropped on the bird or birds trapping them

While Bildad, Job's friend explains why Job his friend experienced the tragedy in his life. Bildad described several other traps usually the result of consistent sinful behavior:

Malkodeth - is the use of a trip wire alerting of a victim nearby

Resheth - using a net spread on the ground in a pathway, when victims walk by that way the tripping

rope catching the smaller animal for larger animals; a pit is dug disguised by branches, etc

Chevel - where a prey is tied to a tree then when the predator wanders upon prey, the trap is released

usually with a metal or fine chain style rope net

Sevakhah - was a trap which was set like a primitive bear trap is today

Bildad in Job 18 was intimating that Job must have been caught up by his corrupt, evil lifestyle. Then as the result of these consistent evil patterns he was caught up by God.

However, Solomon here isn't referring to a punishment of consequence but rather the random outcome of a fallen world. There are many people who face these types of suffering and pain totally unrelated to their own conduct. We witness people being inadvertently struck by a fallen tree, or passing car, etc.

More than a 100,000 youth this past year have died by the trap of Fentenal being disquised as a pain medication. They had no intent on harming themselves, nor obtaining unlawful substance, but they non the less died.

We all are susceptible to these sorts of events in our lives, something totally unrelated to the choices that we have made. In the verses of this chapter so far Solomon is attempting to focus us on the uncertainty of life's end. Therefore the importance of our being faithfully guided by our loving, vigilant Heavenly Father. He knows the future and His desire is to lead us in green pastures, places of calm, enriching times, etc.

SO GO WITH GOD for when we follow Him we can be assured of His loving leadership in our lives. The Life Lesson is to know that when we focus on His ways (Fear Him) we will never be disappointed or needlessly harmed. Oh my dear one, rest in His tender loving care. He care for you each hour of each day,

Lindsay Winterton
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