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Pastor's Corner Friday 9/29/23

Eccl. 5:12 "People who work hard sleep well, whether they eat little or much. But the rich seldom get a good night’s sleep."

In this section of the authors writings he warns us that earthly treasures are precarious and can even possibly bring disadvantages; they can produce anxiety (v. 12) or even bring pain (v. 13). they can disappear due to bad business practices (v. 14) they are always left behind at death (v. 15). and can even produce fear (v. 17).

This isn't the most promising outlook, is it? However, he gives us hope, that when a person gains these rewards through hard work, and diligent efforts his one reward is a restful slumber, even if that has required a limited diet.

He offers this warning, that if a person get carried away with great gain, (greedy) without the requirement of hard labor, then he may have all kinds of big investments, portfolios, and intricate financial arrangements, but the results may be much worry and anxiety and then that can render sleep to be more elusive.

Solomon is attempting to bring balance in our thinking, great gain has its draw backs, particularly when the gain is ill gotten. In other words it hasn't been the result of good honest hard work.

Many times people with great wealth put on a good front, but in all reality they are lonely, even bored, but mostly alone.

Yesterday the appliance repair man came to repair our microwave and he was telling me of one of his primary investors in his company. Though his investor is in his early 30's, and has over 70 companies, which are doing well, he admitted to him that he was bored, and filled with anxiety.

When I was going to college I remember coming home and bucking hay for my Uncle Leonard for the first few weeks of summer, and the exhaustion I felt at the end of the day, but the sweetness of falling to sleep in a total collapse. Then waking up in the morning, stretching out my sore muscles, then eating a good hardy breakfast and the excitement of a new day, new challenges, fresh air, and the realization of our efforts of yesterday.

SO GO WITH GOD for the honest efforts of yesterday, the restful sleep of last night, the open & honest relationship we enjoy with our Heavenly Father, are the greatest reward for our day. I remember how at the end of the hay harvest, when the barn was full, neatly stacked and prepared for the season, the joy we all felt from our challenging achievement. We had done it!

I was reminded of that just yesterday as a young girl in our GNC (Good News Club). How happy she was to have memorized last week's Bible verse & then was able to recite it perfectly. Way to go, young lady!.

Betty Elliott
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