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Pastor’s Corner

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Please continue to pray for Chris healing & wisdom. Also pray for the churches financial needs and for each of our physical needs. Stand Strong In Confidence Many times when we face turmoil, hardship and rejection we surrender to the forces of Satan and our world. This is much easier to do and in fact is the natural response. However, we are called to the supernatural (spiritual) world. Philippians 1:13-22 says ...”I am in chains because of (preaching) Christ. And because of my imprisonment, most of the believers here have gained confidence and boldly speak God’s message (Christ crucified for all mans sins) without fear ...They preach ... for they know I (we) know I (we) have been appointed to defend the Good News. ... For I (we) fully expect and hope that I (we) will never be ashamed, but that I (we) will continue to be bold for Christ, as I (we) have been in the past. And I (we) that my (our) life will bring honor to Christ, whether I (we) live or die.”

So we, my believer, should take courage & stand up for our Savior no matter if everyone else sits down. Not just for our own good. It is good for those other believers in our life, but also for the unbelieving world all around us. Who are seeking for eternal truth. You see, Courage Is Contagious. We never know how many people will join in until we step out in faith. So go with God and He will use your courage, too, to help others respond with courage.



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